Difference Ram 16Gb vs 24GB vs 32GB


My System:
Win 10 (fully updated)
Ryzen 3600
16GB Ram

Question here is:
When i´m playing Borderlands my ram is always full with nothing in the background.
Will i get more performance or less fps drops when i´m getting more Ram ?

I have 32gb of ram and I still get drops in fps. It’s only a few fps. But it does go back to 60 pretty quick.

I´m playing in 1440p with 72FPS cap :grinning:

First check your swap (page) file & unless you changed it, it’s set to auto. So try and set it to 1.5 times as much. I usually set the min to whatever the max auto size was.
Eg auto: 600 - 900, my manual setting is: 900 - 1400

If you are only running game it should be enough. OS is doing some caching with free memory but you probably will not notice. After updates I’ve rarely seen anything reaching 14GB of RAM usage in total.

In times of windows 10 changing the page file? I thought that was over.

You & me both. I reset mine after a BSOD on page_fault.sys (or something like that). Been fine for many, many, many hours since

Edit : I have16gb too

you did what ? xD sry i don´t understand ^^
I`ve set it 16Gb fix now … let´s see what happend .