Differences of TVHM mayhem and normal mayhem

I can’t help notice that i playing almost same hours of bl3, yet i notice smtg unusual. It seems during my solo farming using fl4k, i can’t get any better weapon during TVHM mayhem 11. Anyone can help?

There is no difference, as soon as you start using Mayhem on Normal, the only reason to go to TVHM is to replay the story, or have option to farm two different spots.


Normal and TVHM are only different as long as you don’t play Mayhem. If you activate Mayhem 1 in TVHM, essentially what you get is TVHM+1. If you activate Mayhem 1 in normal mode, it is also TVHM+1. Everything is the same. As Grzes said, the main point of TVHM is that you can replay all missions.

Think of it like this, the game has 13 difficulty levels: normal, TVHM, Mayhem 1-11.


what’s the difference b/w normal and tvhm with mayhem off? I haven’t tried tvhm with mayhem off since they gave the option of having mayhem on–I did it once back when mayhem 3 was the highest level and I don’t recall any difference other than you’re at a higher level (my recollection was bl3 tvhm was way easier than bl2 tvhm).

besides replaying the missions I’d think it’s the only way to get a max level cloud kill, null pointer, and hand of glory given those are non farmable items that are not available at the crazy earl veterans rewards machine.

Maybe that’s an idea but I ever found that THVM got more badass or chosen ones, even when you’re using Mayhem mode.

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I haven’t really looked into it recently, but what’s certain is that e.g. element matches/mismatches change. In normal mode, both are reduced. There are also much fewer anointed enemies iirc among other things.

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B’coz i noticed that i can’t get any weapons that better than to play through mayhem 11 by using mayhem 10 weapon

I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking, but there are no “Mayhem 11” drops. Mayhem 10 gear drops in Mayhem 11.

Mayhem Gear continues to drop at Mayhem 10.

yeah, unless you see the modifiers as a challenge rather than annoyance, the only reason you’d use MH 10 instead of 11 is to level up a character to 65 faster (or if you want to increase guardian rank faster). At level 65, the 50% penalty is fairly harmless (who cares if world drops are less–they were already too high—you can come across more legendary world drops in one day of play in BL3 than in 6 months playing BL2–other than loot midgets and tubby’s they were virtually non existent).

Atm M11 bonuses are exactly the same as on M10, the -50% reduction is not active.

but the problem is i can’t reli deal some serious damage to mayhem 10 enemies while using mayhem 10 6xx-7xx scored weapon.