Different Game, Same Forums. Be Patient

For anyone new to Borderlands or maybe with a selective memory, here is a Snap shot of the General Discussion section of the Forums on October 6th, 2012 at 18:12:18. That’s 6:12 pm for anyone that doesn’t use a 24 hour clock. That’s 18 days after release.


It doesn’t take long to see that many of these thread are talking about balance issues, people upset about nerfs, and people saying the game is dead or dying. This was constant for the first few months of BL2 release. A game that was later released as the “Handsome Collection with all DLC” for next gen consoles because everyone loved it so much. A game that was constantly compared to every looting game that followed. It became the “Gold Standard,” if you will, for many reviewers and viewers a like. Destiny, Diablo 3, Division, Anthem, etc. all were compared to BL2 and not nearly as liked or enjoyed with the amounts of replay value BL2 had.

BL3, much like BL2, was released with base game; No DLCs, a level 50 cap, and four vault hunters. There was a season pass and I can also remember how the forums were filled with people demanding their money back because quote, “With a game this boring being nerfed, why should I have a season pass. DLC won’t save this game.” I think we all know how that ended.

So whether you are new to the Borderlands franchise or a veteran player with selective memory. Please know that we’ve all seen and been though this before. People will quit, new people will join, old players may return. But this game isn’t dying. A new DLC is right around the corner and the developers are adding plenty of stuff for the future.

You also need to know that when implementing changes there is a limited staff. I don’t know how many are on that staff, but I know there are different teams for different things. They communicate when they can, but anyone who works for a large company can tell you communication is never 100%. And I sure 2k might have budgetary constraints on team staffing.

They are working on it, be patient. If you can’t wait and absolutely hate the game then take a break, come back later or just keep up with the weekly updates. They already are doing more updates and communicating with the community than past titles.

But please, please, please… Don’t start making new posts all the time about how the “Game is dying” or people are “dropping it like flies” it bring nothing constructive, it’s “Old Hat” and is no different than any other game. COD just came out with a new game. Millions are playing it, by next month, millions will quit. It’s just how it is.

Be Patient!


Well, by next November when Activision release the next pile of nonsense for them all to p(l)ay.

Otherwise I agree.

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I guess I just don’t get why it’s ok for a company to take my money for a product that is so buggy it doesn’t work… And then it looks like it’s just a repeat of previous products… Why is everyone okay with this? I didn’t pay 100 bucks to become a beta tester without my consent and not only that but their communication with the community is pretty slim to none.


I’m not excusing them for a slightly buggy product, but it is getting worked on. BL2 was fine by the time many people played it. As for communication, they are doing much better. Every week we get an update from the Devs and a new hotfix/patch. BL2 didn’t have communication every week. It was sporadic off and on communication. Sometimes being a few days apart, sometimes being a month later. Every week works great and is standard for any company, video game company or not.

Oh, the memories…


I wouldn’t say slightly buggy if it’s crashing consoles to the point it’s hard to play, split screen that I bought the game specifically for is extremely hard to play and enjoy due to the lag and tiny UI. I get small bugs here and there but these are just awful and noticable Within the first couple of hours playing which is all the further Ive been able to get since I pre-ordered. For some lucky people it’s slightly buggy for others it’s completely unplayable or at least unenjoyable due to the amount of issues.


see, that was the forum i was used to. almost remembered how to log back in.

but case in point, when a game is barely released of course some things wont be out for some time. its been a month since its official release and some folks have either A) taken their time to explore and level up etc or B) overplayed the crap out of things to the point that they are bored of “no new content” and have already maxed out everyone.

or, just have patience and enjoy the ride

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I’m sorry to hear the game is unplayable to you. I hadn’t heard any of these issues persisted after the first week. I get what you mean about split screen, but I’ve always hated split screen.

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Wow, that link is such a blast from the past. I miss the old forums.

I’ve tried to be more patient, at least I feel I have… I remember commenting near a month ago that if I get better screenshots than game play just because my wife opened a menu (speaking of after the release of seasonal content) I won’t have much patience left.

Here we are on day 4 of bloody harvest and I’ve yet to spend more than 2 hours playing the content alongside my wife for that very reason. I think the biggest help I’ve gotten though concerning the matter is they’ve said things like “Game performance and stability continue to be our top priorities” and that the next patch (in November) should see some of those improvements.

So here I am still trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. Really looking forward to a working splitscreen service - couch Co op was literally the only thing that made us purchase it in advance. If I knew I was going to play most of it solo we so would’ve waited for the price to drop.



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I mean…

There’s literally a sidequest in this game, that involves you playing a buggy, broken product, and asks you to pay to progress through said “Game”, and every 2-5 Minutes, is always asking you to spend money to bypass stuff…

It’s hard NOT to see the Irony in this.

That aside, I’ve not had many issues on the PC, not that I actively go out of my way to find bugs, as I’m not a Speedrunner. I don’t keep up to date with Updates either, but I have noticed drops being nerfed, though, yesterday, playing as Amara, levels 1-14, I did find like probably 20-ish Legendaries. Not sure if that was luck… If so, yay me.


Its funny constantly seeing the whole “test your game before releasing it” argument. Like I understand people wanting a complete game when they buy it thats something I’m sure everyone can agree on. But honestly how many testers do you think they have I’m positive they got more data on fixing and optimizing the game in the first week from everyone playing then they did in the what 5-7 years of development.


They probably did get more data but there are many glaring issues performance and UI wise that stand out within a couple of hours of playing the game on a console with standard hardware that should have been caught way before release.


Again I totally agree with that but I also doubt gearbox got much say in when they game was released im sure 2k told them its coming out Sep 13th rain or shine. I hate it but its kind of a fact of the gaming industry right now very few people release fully functional games anymore

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Nice post. I think some people forget the myriad issues and changes that BL2 went through. For the most part especially early most game forums are typically negative in my experience. We tend to talk about negative issues more than positive ones in life on anything.


That link should be shown to everyone who speaks about how perfect b2 was lol. That game was running on fumes imo (I still loved it though). The dlcs saved it.


well said, well said

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It and several similiar have been mentioned or posted in response to those with ruby colored glasses on for BL1/BL2. However they never look at the link and just either ignore it completely or try to rationalize why BL3 issues are completely different.


That’s a TALL order asking people to be patient.
Especially in the GIVE TO ME NOW… NOW…NOW!! Times we live in…
Asking someone to be patient is like saying a 4 letter word in 19th century proper society…

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