Different Manufacturer DLCs

I think it’s time. We’ve been Hyperion’d and Dahl’d out. Glad Atlas returned, and it was great that Maliwan got to shine finally.

Personally I’ve been dying for a Vladof DLC. IDK if it would be kinda controversial since Vladof is basically the Russia of Borderlands but I think it could turn out great. Or Tediore which I always looked at as like Walmart USA lol.


Tediore could be interesting lol.
Does Anshin only make shields? I would like to see more about them.


I want to know why all the other manufacturers make fun of Tediore. Why is Tediore a joke to them?
Part of me imagines that it’s because the entire company is a bunch of unwashed, stoned-out hippies or something. Like how Jakobs is a large southern USA family or how Vladof are communists.
Would be fun to find out about Tediore.


How did they describe them in BL3? Garbage with a trigger? I’m sure this is as much rhetoric for the sake of a running gag as it is Tediore canon, but I think a Tediore DLC could be super funny.

I imagine the CEO being otherwise as well off as the others, and it vexes him that he doesn’t get any billionaire street cred with them because (despite how rich he is, maybe even a little richer), his wares are still trash.


Tediore kept crashing their ships and bases into the enemy once the weapon charge was down, so probably there’s not much left of them


When GBX reinvented the manufacturers for BL2, they thought of Tediore as cheap discounter trash, I think one of the devs called it “like something you buy at Wal-Mart”. Thus, they’re cheap, they’re not great at being guns, and once the magazine is empty you don’t even bother reloading, you just throw them away and get a new one.

So some other manufacturers, like Maliwan who make punctilious and consummate weaponry, Hyperion with their dynamic and efficient products, and Atlas who are state of the art, tend to scoff at Tediore. I believe Torgue has a less negative attitude towards them.




We really don’t know much about Anshin now that I think about it. There’s so much more that can be explored.

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Exactly. I wonder why Torgue didn’t think of guns that explode whole. I guess they think in explosions per second.

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Vladof DLC? Let’s start a revolution.

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The Vladof Revolution.

Set in a snowy Siberian like location, brand new Vladof soldier enemies, new Vladof legendaries…

A man can dream… :grin:

There should be a minimum of 11 coups, 58 petty political grudges, a handful of assassinations, 83 horribly executed cover ups, and 502, give or take a few, gulag sentences.

Wasn’t Robo Revolution kinda Vladof-themed? Well not really I guess, it had a slight communist uprising theme but nothing specific Vladof iirc.

They could make it like those silly Soviet Union fantasies in American movies/TV shows, where it’s always night and chained together people march through metre-high snow everywhere or something