Different Night Hawkin

Whats up fellow vault hunters.

I´ve read about a cryo and fire shooting (at the same time) Night Hawkin.
I only dropped one with cryo (daytime) and fire (nighttime).
So my question is, is there a Night Hawkin which shoot both at the same time?

I have a Night Hawkin, and I still don’t know exactly what it does. One video says it has a random chance for extra projectiles, a coworker says it deals more damage at night, and now it apparently deals Fire damage during the day and Cryo damage at night. I’m completely lost.

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The pellet count is the strange thing (stranger then things). But i couldn’t find more about that gun. Only “arctic night hawkin” and some without elements. And in one video it seems like cryo while firing from the hip and fire while firing ads. Weird gun but powerful

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I just found an Arctic Tamed Night Hawkin. Which when i look at the stats doesn’t look like much, even has a lower fire rate than other Night Hawkins i’ve seen. Read that instead of having fire, this one should have x3 pellets. Idk if that’s at night or day or what. Only just used it once, on mayhem 3, with -50% cryo dmg, and idk if it was night or day, was inside. Anyway it destroyed. Would love to learn more about this gun lol

Arctic shoots cryo at daytime and fire at nighttime. What i love about that gun is when it comes in 4 round burst its kinda like full automatic when you spam the trigger and it deals much more damage. And you can see your elemental damage by the colour of the damage numbers (white = cryo, red = fire). Sadly its a world drop even tho there is skag reference from stranger things.
Ill keep you updated when ill find more about that gun.

I have an arctic tamed Night Hawkin and it’s one of the most mysterious guns I’ve found. I’ve noticed it randomly(Night or day) switches between fire and cryo damage. I’ve even seen it do it within firing a single clip… also when I found it the damage said 458x3 and now it only says 458… though it still has the damage as if 458x3 idk why it’s different ? Anyone that has solid info on this gun and not guessing would be great lol


Stranger than things. – Switches between cryo and incendiary damage depending on the time of day (day time for cryo, night time for incendiary) with each hit increasing in elemental effect chance. No delay between bursts.

  • If the gun spawns with an elemental prefix such as Arctic (cryo), it will instead switch between firing 1 and 3 bullets per shot based on the time of day.
  • In areas such as Sanctuary III, with no day/night cycle, the fire mode defaults to 1 bullet per shot.

From the wiki


Thanks helps a bunch but still not consistent with how the gun plays in game :man_shrugging:t3:

I am replying here to hopefully discuss this a little further and get some more input on this weapon.

Does anyone else have any definitive information about all of the special effects of this gun and how it works?

I have found three Night Hawkin’s. Notwithstanding what the poster above referenced from the wiki, all three had what appears to be the “Arctic” prefix (I am assuming that is the weapon prefix), but only one of the versions appears to switch pellet count between one pellet and three pellets. When it does switch pellet counts, it is entirely unclear to me the basis on which it changes. I will also say that I have never noticed any of my 3 Night Hawkin versions changing elements to fire - they always appear to stay cryo only.

Has anyone done any testing on this weapon and documented results?

I would love to know more about this gun. I’ve been using one with a x3 bullet damage. I was using it to farm. Sometimes when spawning in, it has incredible power and decimates with critical hits. Other times it seems mediocre. A couple of times it has damaged myself with fire on every landed bullet. It’s so weird and I haven’t been able to pinpoint what causes it.

all my night hawkins have now changed to x2 for some reason

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I swear that my Artic Nighthawkin is 100 percent locked on Cyro… I use it quite frequently on my original character and its element has never shifted to fire. I HAVE noticed a distinct difference in its DPS/fire rate/pellet count during different parts of the day or night but is 100 percent Element locked, unfortunately. You reckon this is a bug?

@White_Devil_J yea definitely a bug, the whole gimmick of the gun is switching elements based on day/night cycle

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Some folks claim that the Wiki is untruthful… But this is consistent with my Artic Nighthawkin

The actual symbol doesn’t change it’s always cryo but it swaps between cryo and fire just look at the DMG numbers red is fire and blue is cryo

From the way I interpret it on the wiki its supposed to stay on cry with the arctic prefix, and instead of switching elements it switches pellet count based on the day night cycle.

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Mine has never changed to Fire element despite my hours of game play using it… Seriously

Mine has a few times hit for fire and cryo. Like it was alternating elements on each bullet. Has anyone ever had it make you take fire dot self damage? It’s happened to me twice. Firing it into the open air doesn’t proc it but landing a shot does. I really think this gun has multiple special effects. It randomly spawns in with them.

I got one from Killavoit during the story mission, level 15. Playing as Fl4k and this was maybe day 3 of the game being out, so September 16th. It was one of my first legendaries and I was super excited. It was labeled full auto and semi auto firing selectors, cryo element and X3 pellet count. I immediately equipped it and holy $%!+, that gun was amazing. I rocked it until level 25, because of the x3 pellet count it had more damage than any other SMG until level 25. And I didnt notice the switching elements during the day or night times, i only noticed it switched elements when I hit crits. Body shots did cryo and crits did fire.
Still looking for a level 50 one but I still have my level 15 in the vault for my next toon to fall in love with. Only other SMG to come close performance wise is my undermining crossroads that’s radiation element. Melts everything regardless of mayhem modifiers

Was this with moze or amara by any chance?