Different Patch Version in Matchmaking (BL2)

Hey all, I’ve downloaded the HC on Xbox One for the free weekend, but everytime I’m attempting to matchmake, it tells me my games patch number is different from others. I’ve tried matchmaking with a few people and get the same message. The patch number was 1.0.4 on the matchmaking menu. I was able to play with others online in Pre-Sequel, but can’t at all in BL2. Currently trying to re-install, but is there a fix to this?

There was a patch that went out along side a textures update recently. It’s possible that this patch hasn’t been applied to the free copy of the game? I’d check the patch number, but my system has been usurped by younger beings and I can’t get on right now.

The version number being off in the Matchmaking menu, is a bug that was introduced with the 1.03 or 1.04 patch (I forget which) and has so far not been fixed but it’s a purely cosmetic issue and doesn’t affect anything :slight_smile:. The Current patch version is 1.05 and you can check this by highlighting the app then looking in the Update History (at least that’s how you do it on the PS4).

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Just had a chance to check: my version in Games & Apps > Manage is showing cersion updated as of 2019-04-03. As @lostzer0 mentioned, the version displayed during match-making doesn’t jibe with this. Last time I asked about it, support didn’t know why (unless it’s just the version of the match-making client within the game?)

That update btw added a “Pre-Order BL3” menu item and ads into the menu screen.

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