Different rocket jumping method. Get insane height and distance!

Hi guys. Earlier this year I discovered a new rocket jumping method with the Pyrophobia (and also Mongol) and this method allows you to get insane height and distance on rocket jumps. Here is a video of the jumps:

And here it is with the Mongol:

To do these jumps you need to stack the drunk effect on the Grog Nozzle and have special gear for Zer0 allowing you to shoot any gun twice with one pull of the trigger.

Here is a explanation on this rocket jumping method from my ‘Badaboom jumping with Zer0’ video-description:

Rocket jumping with Zer0 in Borderlands 2 is an endless source of amusement and frivolity.

To get started, you’ll need the following gear:

⦿ A Shadow of Seraphs double-shot relic from the Tiny Tina DLC. Preferably 39%.

⦿ A Sham shield. Occasionally dropped by the Bunker.

⦿ A class mod with either +5 or +6 in Two Fang.

⦿ A Grog Nozzle. This is only a mission-item unfortunately but the mission can be started and if the player does not complete the mission it will permanently stay in their back-pack when they are the host. Almost all players online have Grog Nozzle’s anyway as they have been modded into the game and duplicated prolifically. The level of the Grog Nozzle does not matter for rocket jumping.

⦿ Low-level Badaboom. Preferably with the Quick Brawler pre-fix for faster weapon-swap speed. And finally, you’ll need to max-out Zer0’s Two Fang skill.

⦿ Optional: Low-level Mongol rocket launcher. Occasionally dropped by Dukino’s Mum. The Mongol is not required, since the Badaboom is generally the better launcher for rocket jumping.

Now that you have the above set-up you’ll be able to shoot any gun twice (providing the fire-rate of the gun isn’t too high). So, whenever you shoot your Badaboom you’ll get an extra boost from the double-shot and go higher. You can even throw down a grenade (after taking off your grenade mod) and combine the Badaboom jump with a grenade jump for extra height and distance.

Here’s where the awesome part comes in. While holding your Grog Nozzle the screen occasionally sways – this indicates that you’re drunk and while drunk you can fire x5 the projectiles (the drunk effect only lasts for about 5-6 seconds though). To get drunk, you just switch between your Badaboom and Grog Nozzle until your screen sways, and then jump. Having the fast weapon-swap speed on the Badaboom is good for getting drunk while on the move and it’s possible to keep pace with a Breakneck Banshee Siren providing you don’t get unlucky with the random drunk activation of the Grog Nozzle.

You can also stack the drunk effect. This is how it’s done: You have a Grog Nozzle and a Quick Brawler Badaboom for fast weapon-swap speed. You then switch between the Badaboom and Grog Nozzle over and over and wait for the Grog Nozzle to sway and when it sways (of course which indicates you’re drunk) you then quickly switch back to the Badaboom and switch back to the Grog Nozzle again and if the drunk-animation resets itself then at that moment you’ll be able to shoot more projectiles (essentially you’re drunk twice). So instead of shooting x5 projectiles, you’ll shoot x10 projectiles, and not just once – but twice, because of Two Fang. 20 projectiles with one pull of the trigger! (You could alternatively use a pistol to stack the drunk effect as shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1bNP…).

Getting the Nozzle to activate straight after activating can take a while (it’s luck-based after all). Should take less than 60-80 switches though (or less than 15-20 switches in a game with other people; the Grog Nozzle activates a lot more regularly when you’re in a game with others. Being host might also affect the probability of getting drunk – it’s not something I’ve tested – but I very rarely host games, and when I’m not host I can get double-drunk every 30 or so seconds and triple-drunk every 3-5 minutes. Getting triple-drunk in single-player without anyone in your game will probably take on average 20-30 minutes). Note that the animation does not need to reset itself back-to-back; as long as you get drunk (and jump) again before the effect from the first drunk-animation has expired.

To get triple-drunk, after getting drunk, and switching back to your Grog Nozzle the drunk-animation needs to reset itself twice instead of once. So, basically, you get drunk, switch to your other weapon, switch back to your Grog Nozzle, and if the drunk-animation resets itself then you’re double-drunk, and if you switch to your other weapon again and switch back to your Grog Nozzle and the drunk-animation resets itself again, then you’re triple-drunk (but the triple-drunk effect will only last for as long as the first moment you became drunk, which expires within around 5-6 seconds).

Getting triple-drunk is very, very tedious when you play alone, but easier when you join someone else’s game because the Grog Nozzle activates a lot more regularly. You should be able to get triple-drunk, on average, every 4 to 5 minutes (constant switching) in someone else’s game. This rocket jumping method isn’t very practical for getting around because getting triple-drunk takes a while, but it’s good for jumping over the invisible walls in Digi Peak. To my knowledge, this is the highest jumping method possible without mods.

The best launcher to jump with is generally considered to be the Badaboom. Surprisingly though, while under the influence of the Grog Nozzle’s drunk-effect, the most effective launcher to jump with is actually the Mongol. Jumping with the Badaboom might be more convenient since you don’t have to be drunk to get good height/distance, which is a prerequisite for Mongol rocket jumping. Double-drunk jumping with the Mongol is equivalent to a triple-drunk jump with the Badaboom and so in some circumstances where the jump is very high or far (such as jumping over the invisible walls on Digistruct Peak) the Mongol comes in especially handy.


At first I was like: Meh, rocket jumping while drunk, I’ve done that before.
Then I actually saw the height you achieved and I was like: OMG

As a rocket/grenade jumping enthusiast I’ve gotta say that you really found something amazing. This just looks like real fun and finally gives me a reason to actually use the Mongol (and Pyrophobia) for more reasons than just last-gen console breaking fireworks :3

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just to re-cap the important points above:

  • It’s easier to get drunk with the Grog Nozzle when you aren’t the host

  • Getting double and triple-drunk is luck-based and can’t be done on demand

  • Getting double-drunk when not host usually takes 30 secs to 1 minute and triple-drunk 4 to 5 minutes

  • The Pyrophobia is best for triple-drunk jumps (not really single or double) and the Mongol is best for double, single, and is also good for triple, but the PyroPhobia seems to be the best for triple-drunk jumps

I have messaged some YouTubers about this rocket jumping method such as Joltzdude139 but got no reply so this is still relatively unknown by the community.

You’re welcome ^-^

Quickly entering and exiting the status menu (on any screen except the Inventory) is probably better for solo gameplay since it counts as re-equipping the Grog Nozzle and you can force more checks in a short period of time thanks to the game pausing making at least double drunkness quite a lot more reliable during solo gameplay. Pointless to do in multiplayer of course. It just can be quite difficult to see whether you got drunk again or not :confused:

Thanks for the tip. I suspected that might be the case but have never experimented with that method so I wouldn’t know how many more times you could get drunk. The biggest issue I have with quickly entering the menu over and over is that it’s hard to see if the drunk-animation has reset itself.