Different skinned Absolute Zero?

I’ve watched videos of the Absolute Zero and found many screenshots of it, and when I found mine from EOS, it had a different skin…? I pulled it in Bordertool TPS and saw that it’s not a glitched material, everything checks out. It’s coded as the “Fusion Beam” though, can someone look at it in Gibbed on pc? I am playing on the Steam Mac version however, any thoughts?

Normal Absolute Zero

My Absolute Zero

Your image link to the “Normal Absolute Zero” is currently broken for me - I get a an access permissions error when trying to click on the “broken image” icon.

To me it looks as if the parts that are supposed to have that unique golden-brown texture, are 100% black. Why are you sure it isn’t glitched?

Fixed now

The thing is, the white-black on mine doesn’t really have a similar pattern to the gold-brown Absolute Zero. There’s a clear different between the white & black while the goldish brown is everywhere on the normal Zero.

I don’t know, to me it seems the white decals on yours are there on the regular version as well, but it’s difficult/pointless to argue about this without being able to point and stuff. In any case, yours looks pretty badass, but I reckon it’s just one texture being gimped somehow. Maybe compare it with another beam laser to see if the pattern really is unique.

It looks like it’s completely missing the main body texture. Hate to ask this but, were you on-line with anyone else during the fight?

If it didn’t had a texture it would’ve been a grey blob most likely. And the thing is, there’s still some of the pattern visible around the scope.
Vaguely remember a non-textured tediore SMG being posted on the old forums once.

This happened to mine once whilst I was farming the Grinder for Luck Cannons, I was dashboarding out on the PS3 and on one occasion when I reloaded I had the exact same skin as the black one above. Once I dashboarded out again it returned to normal.

I haven’t played co-op since Claptastic Voyage came out.

It’s most likely an error in the texture itself.
Though, it could be anything, might aswell be an error in a script or something.

Hard to tell without being able to see the data.