Different types of mayhem

a lot of people have issues with the idea of mayhem and i can understand that (i am included a bit)

what about a selection between “mayhem” and “challenge”
i mean, the argument “just dont activate mayhem” is pointless because then you are 1 shotting every single enemy, dont get drops and get super bored of the game
mayhem has become without an alternative because the game is balanced for the highest mayhem mode
now, in the last show they introduced even more crazy mayhem “the floor is lava” etc.
i can definitely understand people who dont want this stuff and just want to test their builds and their characters on hard enemies for awesome loot and dont want to play a map slot machine

so there could the the “mayhem” with all the crazy stuff, buffs and debuffs for elements, weapons and what not and also “challenge” which doesnt have all those crazy modifiers but just the enemy and loot scaling, maybe even a bit higher (just a bit to not destroy balance)
so everyone will be happy: the people who want crazy modifiers (are there any tbh? XD)
and the people who just want a consistently challenging experience

They do have a good idea of what we want and what people are looking for from this game. They have been doing a lot of great things since December and Noelle has been more responsive and informative which is great!

A lot of mods are getting looked at for reworks which she stated can’t be done via hotfix since most end up tying into game mechanics.

Mayhem 2.0 is already in the works and our opinions on it at this point are moot. I wouldn’t worry too much and judge Mayhem 2.0 a few days after launch and see where it takes us. From there we will have a better idea of where to aim suggestions if we need to.

(By all means, I am not trying to shoot down any ideas, but I think since something is in motion, let’s see where it takes us and judge at that point)

yea, i definitely think mayhem 2.0 will improve the experience for everyone
just tossing in my suggestion here :smiley:
wouldnt be to hard and you could swap between fun mode and farm mode xD

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