Difficulty affect loot and XP?


Does anyone know if difficulty settings affect loot or xp gain? I’m playing on normal ofcourse, but grouping up with others you have no clue what difficulty they are on…so if they get the same XP and loot is that faire? I really don’t care but would be nice to know if the game gives the same rewards back regarding the game-settings.

Depends on if the host is running instanced or classic loot drops. If instanced, you should (if I understand the system correctly) be getting loot for your level. If they’re running classic loot, it will scaled to the host’s game and XP will depend on the level difference between your character and the enemies you’re fighting.

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Thanks for feedback, will give this is try :slight_smile:

So does the difficulty affect loot? The question wasn’t answered


I believe it should. Generally in previous games, the higher the difficulty level (and the more players) the greater the number of higher tier enemies - and higher tier enemies drop higher tier loot.