Difficulty and Loot Problems

Hey, I apologize in advance for my English grammar (Not a English native)

We discussed a difficulty matter yesterday in our group. I don’t think the game is easy, but it is not too hard either. 45 hours after clearing the story and all the other quests we started right in the TVHM with Mayhem 1. We started our walkthrough with no difficulties at all. After several hours in TVHM, we changed the difficulty to Mayhem 3. Please don’t misunderstand me. It’s not like a walk in park. Definitely not. The mobs are hard to kill and can give you much problems, but it is possible.

So after ~50 Hours of playtime, I can play on the hardest mode in the game… Something like this should not be possible. And the other problem is the Loot, which will not get better. (Item Level, Stats s.o.) there was no item, which gave me a clear damage boost or a better standing during my playtime. For me that is a difficult matter in a Loot shooter.

So the only feature, that will get you a easier time in TVHM and Mayhem 3 are the guardian ranks. Cool to have, but that can’t be everything right?

I love this game, but from my point of view there should be another rewarding system for THVM and Mayhem.

What is your experience?

I feel like it entirely depends on the character you are playing. With Amara, regardless of build, I can be very tanky but some enemies are ridiculous bullet sponges. I just did all the CoS solo with Amara, takes ages. With FL4K things just die and eventhough you are a bit squishier, his DPS output is just insane. I haven’t played Zane endgame, but from what I heard he also has the DPS issues and mostly has great utility and QoL things. Mose, I haven’t played past level 10 nor played with someone past level 10. So I don’t know about her.