Difficulty based on numbers

After failing so many times on advanced story modes I decided to play a campaign by myself on those same missions and won with around 8 lives left…

Then last night on Saboteur we had the perfect team; Galilea, Montana, OM, Reyna and me as Miko. We got demolished early 3 players left after dying a bunch, so me and Galilea stayed. We ended beating the story barely dying at all.

I know they try to make it more difficult based on how many teammates you have but there’s a spike at 3+ that’s just insanely hard.

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Athena? You mean Galilea right?

Lol oops yeah Galilea… keep mixing her up with the Borderlands character.

Admittedly even back with the borderlands series - gearbox has repeatedly shone that balancing and proper scaling is a weak point of theirs.
Light the fuse is a prime example starting off useless and becoming subpar to ok late game. Most elemental abilities becoming useless late game but op early (borderlands 2)