Difficulty Farming Bosses and Need Help

So I’ve finished the campaign and now playing Mayhem 2. I’ve tried to go back and get bosses to respawn to actually farm them for specific weapons, but, they’re never there. Is there something I have to do to get bosses to respawn? I’m assuming I don’t have have to replay the campaign to do this. I have to be doing something wrong.

go back to main menu

So I go to where I can replay the campaign missions? I’d rather play by myself to farm and if I select the missions from that screen it’ll bring in other players, I think.

You have to save and quit then go back to the boss you want to fight.

Because the other responders seem somewhat vague, allow me to help. When you’ve killed the boss, quit your game and reload. Once you reload, the boss will have respawned. Furthermore in this game it’s made easier because you save at the nearest spawn point.

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Ahhhh, was wondering how everyone was doing it. I was just going back to the location and the bosses would never be there, at least all the ones I want to farm. Thanks a lot.