Difficulty Feedback for Gearbox

While its not the case with BL3 there is no EASY difficulty or equivalent in BLTPS and while that’s fine for the hard core gamers, for those of us who are trying to get our wives to game with us it really sucks when you find there’s no Easy option. Yes I know the recommendation is to make sure your characters level is several levels above the mission difficulty but now I have to do this for her and she may not even play after that because of how discouraging it was for her when she tried (on her own) to play the game after we had completed BL3. She was soo excited with BL3 that she wanted to try the others and so she loaded up BLTPS and now she may not return bc of how frustrating it was for her.

I know you can’t change previous games at this put but for the future please make sure no one talks you into NOT including an Easy option because not everyone playing is an 8 hours a day hard core grinding machine.

My honest feedback on this post is that you should just find something else to play with her. FPS are probably the most punishing video games to play. They actually take a fair amount of accumulated gaming skill and my advice is to just find another game that you both can enjoy. You sound like an olderish gamer. You’ve probably been playing FPS games for years upon years. Imagine if you were dropped into a FPS with no to limited gaming experience. You’d hate it too. Honest to god, I’d rate the borderlands series as the least punishing type of FPS you can play (because its pve and there are so many builds you can play that dont really require aim).


There is actually one
When you start a new character you can choose normal and beginner (but I think you can also always change that)
Is this option not available anymore?

I am almost an anti fps player
Gaige and Moze are helping with that^^
This game is more an arpg than a fps in my opinion
You don’t need to be good at aiming
Just good at farming xD

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This is my opinion, so I don’t want to hurt anybody with my comment. It won’t matter if you start on easier or normal difficulty, (but you can choose difficulty), once you turn on Mayhem everything scales. It took me one year to “get the courage” to go to Mayhem 10-11. By that time I had around 600-700 hundreds of hours in BL3 only. The modifiers and dying a lot can kill the fun really fast. I know it by experience. And I know that you can always lower your Mayhem level, but seeing people one-shot enemies and clearing a round of Slaughtershaft in seconds on Mayhem 11 makes you frustrated that you can’t be on that level. Even I felt that, so I spent many many many hours farming and eventually getting to M11. But for casual players farming and playing non-stop is not the best option I guess, but in the same time, I think they still want to enjoy the game at its fullest. IMO games should make you happy and meant to be enjoyed, so I never understood why adding nearly impossible challenges and gameplay are necessary in a game. Since video gaming exists it’s been here, but in my opinion this will always cause a frustration, “Why can’t I just beat the game on Ultra Nightmare, when that guy just walks through levels like nothing?”. And again, this is only my opinion. Anything I can suggest is to farm some stuff out for your wife, make her build viable. If she wants to experience higher levels on her own, than unfortunately that needs a lot of time spent in this game.

I guess that’s the point of ultra nightmare
To not be easy
While in this game it doesn’t really hold that promise since, as you said, everything scales
But I mean, none forces you to play mayhem 11 and I think that’s the big problem here
Since when are you playing the game?
Before there were 10 mayhem levels, there were 3 and then 4
And they didn’t provide “better gear”
They were just harder. Period.
Nome felt obligated to run them to “reach endgame”
I ran them when I felt strong enough and it felt rewarding. But until then I just farmed on mahyem 1-2. It was perfect (the concept, not necessarily the execution because modifiers)
Now it sucks because people think they HAVE to play mayhem 10 to finish the game

That’s why I said it’s only my opinion :slight_smile: I know you’re not obligated to play on M10 or M11. On M1.0 I usually played on M2-3, not too many times I touched M4. Then M2.0 came and it took me those hundreds of hours to think I’m strong enough to play on the highest level. So back when M11 wasn’t a thing I tried M10, but it was the same thing as M4 was, didn’t felt myself strong enough and died a lot. When I said I got the courage to go to M10 I meant to try it and see if I can make it. (don’t know why I wrote M10-11 tho lol) But I couldn’t and that killed the fun for me, so I lowered the Mayhem level back, but in the same time it was there in the back of my mind all the time that I want to be good enough to survive on the highest level and that took a lot of time and practice for me. Not sure if this is the case for the casual players, it’s only a presumption, so this is why I said it’s only my opinion.

Edit: I know that I feel bitter and negative a lot of times, but I swear I don’t want to and I’m sorry for that honestly.

game literally has easy setting for non mayhem play, how much easier can anything get? when you start a game you choose weather you want easy or normal (bl3 does not have hard difficulty as setting it is just called mayhem mode) i can not possibly fathom anything less difficult than easy setting in normal mode (mayhem 0)

Yea I understand that feeling but honestly when you gatekeep “better gear” behind these levels is it a surprise everyone wants to beat them and get frustrated?
And now mayhem 10 isn’t even hard anymore due to all the complaints because everything is auto scaling

You can select easy mode at anytime within the options menu. The game will also get easier the more legendary gear you acquire. Time, practice, patience.

how is this game in any form to hard?
getting through the main game on lowest difficulty is dirt cheap. it was harder in older games, its by far the easiest out of them all.

ppl are complaining that there aint no hard hard option instead of mayhem as mayhem sucks and the game is just in a limbo of its too easy and its just not doing anything.

if this game had easy easy mode i assume enemies run down out of bounds or shoot themselves

Hes actually talking about TPS… lol. Him and his wife beat BL3 on easy mode, then went back to play TPS but there was no option for difficulty. So he made this thread to make sure GBX includes this feature in their future games.

Which… they’ve clearly already have… since theres an easy mode in BL3 -_-

I know I’m late replying but thank you to everyone who replied to let me know yo can change the difficulty in BL3 but I was referring to BL TPS (The pre-Sequel). After re-reading my post I realize I worded it poorly so that’s on me. Thank you

TPS difficulty is weird - I lost track of how many people rage-quit on meeting the first real boss on Elpis. It might be worth going back and trawling through the TPS Discussion section as this was a common thing and there’s pretty good standard advice that new players might greatly benefit from.

Closing this thread since at that point discussion really does belong elsewhere, and to avoid further confusion with BL3 difficulty settings.

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