Difficulty for Anointed Drops?

Is there a minimum mayhem level for anointed legendaries to drop? Obviously the higher the better odds, just wondering if there is a point where faster runs/semi brain dead farming could be more efficient.


I think Mayhem 2 is a pretty good balance between piss easy and decent Anointed rate imo. The thing with Mayhem 3 is that you can end up with horrible modifiers that slow you down and Mayhem 4 is obviously the most tanky mode.


Agreed, mayhem 2 is great for not having to worry about modifiers and all you need is just a half decent build and weapons to breeze through. And the loot is still decent imo, I usually farm on M3 if Iā€™m not in the mood for M4 and just wanna relax but I also keep some options for bad modifiers in the backpack.

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