Difficulty in use of ultimate

Hi all!

Was just having fun with the guys just ending a 4 man party coop. Found out a little issue with marquis… Actually two. The first is it is very hard to tell how long I am supposed to charge the ultimate and when it is fully charged… Next is that because I am using the quick cast style… When I press triangle to ulti and he takes out the gun, I need to keep my finger on the triangle but I cannot move my dual stick to move around or aim at the same time… This makes it a bit more difficult to utilize the ulti… I know I can change the casting style to standard but I very much prefer the quick cast style…

Perhaps we can look at some method to simulate the triangle being press ie. When using ulti holding l2 will allow you to aim before releasing the skill

Oh I found out that it seems like there is no need to charge up his skill so guess that will be fine to just release when ready

Yea I think with the quick use you might need to do some remapping on the controller to make it useful with all the characters, I have been playing mostly melee characters so aiming with the ult is almost not nessacery. Except shayne but after a few matches I got used to knowing where it would land so it became less of an issue. With marquis maybe try changing the skill for the owls with the ult? the owls are mostly used defensively anyway so not much aiming required.

So I have been having a problem with his ult as well, it does say you are suppose to charge it, but what button am I suppose to use to charge it then? I am on PS4 if it matters.

Actually I assumed that it is charged as soon as the gun comes out cause I cannot see any visual indicator that it is charging or has been charged…

He charges it before he scopes. As soon as he scopes he can shoot it.

i made a video guide for this hero, check it out