Difficulty is way to low or enemy spawn to low

Is there any plans to let us pick the difficulty? I just can not play it this way any more. The big problem is there are hardly any enemies that spawn and they seem to do less damage. I never
have to use an ability heck I even pass up shields because they will make me to powerful. Just would love to have it like it was on the PC flat version. I feel there is no challenge and its a shame because everything else about the game I like. The fights are very small and underwhelming even if we could just activate Vault hunter mode not sure that would do any good without the spawn rate being raised.

Does VR not include UVHM? If it does just play the game until UVHM, then UVHM will make it harder

that would be pure agony… plus say I want to play another character would have to do it all over again. The other problem is who is to say its any better… the biggest problem is the enemies don’t spawn in great numbers so a few are easy to pick off even at higher levels. I really don’t want to play the whole game to find out that the only thing UVHM does is give the enemy more health and damage still would not be a challenge with only a few spawning at a time.

I’ve never played the VR version but in the other versions, the game isn’t difficult until UVHM. UVHM is where the game really begins for most people. I understand that it’s an irritating grind to get that far, but there it is… And yes, UVHM is a comfortable level of difficulty leading to the OP levels which are quite difficult at the higher ones…

So you’ve never played UVHM and you’re complaining? Sounds about right
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What are you talking about…? I was saying to have to play the whole game to get to a point where it was a challenge would be pure agony… I would be fine with the option to turn on UVHM now and not have to do that. The VR game has the spawns of the enemies really low it seems so the game is boring and you want me to go through that just to be able to play the game at an acceptable level. Then after I have done all that I want to try a different character so I will have to run through the whole game again just to be able to play the game at a harder level. I don’t see where I am being unreasonable to ask if that is possible.

if there is a way to increase the difficulty now so I can play all of the characters and have fun doing so. Not sure if you just don’t understand or what . I liked the game on the flat PC version and I just wanted the VR version to be the same.

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Thanks for the civil response. I just wanted the VR version to be the same as the pancake one… Its super easy on VR or it is to me… I thought if there was a mod or something I just loved all the enemies that spawned and maybe I just don’t remember how it was I usually played with more than one person. I did the level where the Goliath came out and never used my ability or had to heal it was underwhelming. I would be ok with it if once you beat the game you could switch any character to UVHM im already thinking of changing characters and that means I have to start from square one… .

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Yeah, that sucks man, I had no idea the VR version was so different from the base game. I’ve beat the main story so many times with so many characters (in the normal version) at this point that’s I don’t think much about going through it, but it must be a pain to level with low spawns and not being able to co-op.

Yea it does get better the spawns are picking up so I am having fun I just wish I could make it a bit harder. If it did have multiplayer there is a mod to do it but will not work with the VR because well there is no Multiplayer option… Again its starts picking up after you get Roland and becomes fun again I can live with playing it until UVHM. I have never done it in single player so I hope the spawns increase and not just the level of the enemy. Thanks again was just praying there would be something I could do in one of the config files.

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