Difficulty levels for AI

Alright, so sometimes it’s nice to play a Match against the AI, but I don’t want them to be completely without challenge… In fact I might prefer that mode ENTIRELY over actual pvp… Any chance we will get AI difficulties? Maybe they’re already present and I’m just missing it? Thanks

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I’d like this too, I like testing new builds and loadouts against the bots but they’re so easy :frowning:

Lol I remember my first match against bots, I got destroyed lol, now they seem pathetic haha xD


I’d love it if this game had learning AI and they could match you up against bots based on your ELO rating/skill level. As the bots learned they’d have their newer and smarter versions and their older and dumber versions and each of those would be given an ELO rating of their own.


This is possible imo but the fact that new AI scripts have to be made since AI afterall need a certain scripted actions to do something.

Unless they use a self learning AI (just like the old doom games and quake), creating more difficulty for AI will drain a lot of the team’s already busy schedule with the 4 (total 5, one is released and is due for a rework since people have been complaining of her OPness) new characters.

It’s possible but I guess we have to chip in our own parts on how to improve the AI.

Here’s my ideas (instead of just creating a topic to ask for stuff, do help the devs. they are pretty busy managing a game already)

  1. diving instead of running away on low health
  2. moving as a team (healers and tanks glue together)
  3. assassin run around the match to try and sneak a kill on someone alone
  4. AI to equip simple white gears to legendary (to simulate an opponent with good gears)
  5. AI to actually pick up shards when off cooldown.
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I would like this as well. The AI has gotten a bit too easy

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I don’t necessarily agree with that one, since I like to run tests against bots I like chasing runners to safely secure kills plus I’d want the games to last the full 30 minute term to adequately test whatever build or loadout I’m currently working on. But that depends if you want to test something new or just hone your skills, in the case of the latter a competitive AI would be more ideal.
The rest I’m pretty much on board with, healers do heal which is totally awesome but I think each “class” needs its own separate AI to accurately portray their designated roles.

Another addition would be the use of escapes, an AI spams its skills in a fight but I’d like it if those with lunges/dashes kept them as escape tools the same way many players do.
Another idea would be skill synergy, they seem to attack with their abilities in no particular order except to use lunges/dashes as initiators. An AI Thorn that opens with ult then Throws down Blight or a Phoebe that uses ult then Phasegate isn’t really efficient in a fight.
The final change would be to stop them from going AFK (AFAI?) sometimes the bots just stop in place and do nothing, sure players sometimes do but I’ve seen ISIC go into ult then stand in a corner and Orendi standimg dormant by mid thralls. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but I don’t understand why an AI would just go dormant lol.

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They need to fix the AI first before they can make them more difficult. If you watch some of them including the ones on your team, they will sometimes run to a random location and just stand there pacing back and forth before moving to a different location. They will do this several times during the match without attacking any mobs or structures.

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i dont know i kind of like the dumb ai it makes for some funny kleese set ups

All really good suggestions.