Difficulty of hjc

I use to be able to run through bl2 without breaking a sweat.I think theyve upped the diff Im having probs even with golden keys

Don’t believe the difficulty of the game has changed in any way o_o

More enemies spawn than on PS3, I reckon.

Unless you’ve imported gear from another save, then I think you forget how much more difficult the game is without those legendaries and uniques we all eventually ran around with last gen. I had forgotten how much more of a slog it is when you’re having to use random purple and blue drops. The bee shield also helps a lot with trash mobs. I was slogging it out with them until I farmed my first one and now it’s a breeze on TVHM.

No, OP is right. There is a noticeable difference. Myself and Dom have a lot of time in this game, and we’ve both agreed there is a difference. Certainly had fun taking BNK3R down last night. The speed and quantity of the enemy spawning is noteable.

Yet i don’t see it. I think it’s subjective as to whether or not it’s more difficult. Now i have decent gear rather than running around with only greens and blues; bosses, badasses and trash mobs are no more challenging than what I remember them being. BL2 along with Oblivion were my two most played 360 games, so it’s not as if I’m basing my opinion on 2 play throughs. I had 7 OP8 characters and regularly did raid bosses and bosses for heads, skins, legendaries and uniques on UVHM OP8.

I’m finding it a lot easier.
I didn’t get as much time on BL2 as I’d have liked over the weekend. Only just got to WEP at lvl 16 and only now has it become a challenge as it’s a lvl 19 mission. I’ve left almost all sides untouched because I feel so overpowered. And I’m using low level weapons, my highest being lvl 14 vanilla Dahl SMG.

This is going to be something hard to see because there are so many different variables that can affect how easy or hard the game is. Equipment levels etc…

The difficulty feels the same to me.

Though I don’t ever recall guns being as efficient as they are, for example lvl 21 gun is still effective at lvl 25 enemies. Also don’t recall the rifles being as useful as they have been in bl2, I remember always thinking what garbage the rifles were and hardly used them now I’ve been using them as much as any other weapon.

i also feel that the difficulty is the same…i feel i go into ffyl and die the same as i did on last gen…i haven’t noticed more enemies than last gen either…i could be wrong and i would have to throw in my 360 versions to check…but it just feels the same…i do have a lot of the best gear with the best parts for many diff items though so i might not be the best judge

some areas seem to have more enemies and/or quicker or more respawns but that might jus be me. i havnt played bl2 in nearly a year an never got to play tps on last gen.

There ae definitely more spawns - check the varkid thread. Also Randy said in that recent interview that there were more spawns on PS4 than PS3.

Yup, this is defo a fact. PS3 was 6 spawns, PS4 there are 9. So although the enemy are the same, it should increase the difficulty slightly in the fact more enemy are there. Spawning Vermivorous is way more frantic now!

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