Difficulty Scaling Question

When playing solo, is there a way to make the game think you’re playing with other players so that you can get harder enemies? I enjoy playing, but when playing solo, the enemies are almost too easy to kill most of the time. Somtimes it seems like they level up to be harder to kill as if you were playing with others, but I’m not sure if this is something you can trigger yourself by going to certain levels or beating certain enemies or something or what. Anyone know?

About the only way you can do this is to avoid side missions and focus on main story, so that you’re always behind the game’s level. The different maps/missions have set minimum & maximum levels, so if you go for a speed run you’ll often be under-levelled. I think there may have been a 4-player slider mod on PC at one point? I’m not on PC so never really looked in to it.

Sadly I’m pretty sure you cant trigger 4 player scaling like in BL2 by walking into any areas in the game.

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If you’re playing on PC, there is a 4-player slider mod available. To my knowledge it doesn’t work on the remastered version, only the original.

It’s great fun!