Difficulty scaling with players

I know that +players = +lot (sort of)

And “stronger enemies” but, what does it mean?
Besides having more HP, what do they have +gun damage? +elemental damage? stronger shields? besides more enemies and badasses
any idea?


Not sure if anyone has ever done a breakdown of how much additional health/shields/damage enemies have when there are 2+ players involved- nearly 99.9% of the time I’ve spent playing this game has been solo. You might want to partner up with like minded folks on your platform of choice and see if you can find an answer- good luck if you attempt this! :slight_smile:

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Enemies are tiered, just like gear and weapons. With more players, the chances of higher tier enemies spawning increases at the cost of lower tier ones. Higher tier enemies have higher base damage and health, may have more special attacks, etc.

You’ll find some stuff mentioned and linked from here:

I’m not sure if the wiki entries on specific enemies have example stats listed, but that might be worth checking out.