Difficulty selecting item for selling!

I have Ultrawide 21:9 monitor, is this isolated to ultrawide only?

one example of the issue is when trying to sell a weapon. I bring the mouse courser above an item in my inventory, then the game will select it by highlighting it but the weapon idle animation will flicker as if I am constantly reselecting it. This makes it very difficult to sell, I have to spam click and when I am lucky it works within 2 clicks.

Odd thing is that this is not consistent. After a few hours of play, this may get worse, where even the highlighting of an item will flicker as if I am moving my mouse completely away from the item, but just rapidly. A restart usually fixes it but an annoying issue nonetheless.

Other than that, the game runs excellent for me.

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I have the same when selecting an item (either to use, equip, sell etc.). I also have an ultra-wide monitor. I have figured out though, if you hover over an item and press ‘E’ instead of mouseclick it will pick the correct item.

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Hi, problem solved!

In the options, turn off ‘FidelityFX Sharpening’.
It should correct 21:9 uncentered cutscene issues too and selecting item is completely fixed:)


Can confirm, this works! Thanks for reporting back.