Difficulty with Server Connection (Xbox One)

I’m not sure what’s really going on and I don’t want to point fingers or anything so please don’t take it as it’s all Battleborn’s fault, but I have been having trouble with connecting to the server lately. For example, I’ll be in matchmaking and then it will kick me out and say it’s “updating session” but that’s it. It freezes. I can’t hit any buttons and I have to quit the game. This will happen in game too, but the only thing is my character is frozen and can’t do anything. Everything else around me is going on as normal. People moving, killing, building, etc all in real time.

I have good internet with an open NAT. When I test the multiplayer connection through Xbox settings, it says I’m all good and the wireless strength is at 98%.

Please help. I am unable to play because of this.

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Uh…seems you accidentally posted in the ps4 section, @moderators can we get an assist in relocating?

Why can I never do things right in the forum? -__- I’m so sorry mods

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No worries! I moved this to the correct section for you.

As far as your issue goes, reach out to our support team via http://support.gearboxsoftware.com and they’ll be able to investigate it for you.

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