Dig bot battle a lot, just one thing on the view

any chance of third person?

it feels like a very narrow view in first person and is easily blocked by splashy effects and bodies of foes. When you are melee you are often attacking while completely blind which doesn’t feel great.

Smite is very similar and allows third person. You can still sneak up on people in third person. Are you blocking this because the game can’t hold the frame rate when we can see more or is this some kind of strategic choice to make us endure blindness in the game?

Some of the characters have weapons blocking 1/5 to 1/4 of the screen as well.

Why make the view a frustration?

Battleborn was built from the ground up to be a first person shooter with some moba elements, but it’s still an FPS first and foremost. I presume this is because GBX is most comfortable with first person perspectives, but that’s pure speculation on my part.

Unfortunately, that does mean we have to deal with the visual noise, which is pretty janky for an FPS.

Switching to 3rd person would fundamentally break the ranged classes though, since you’d either have to manually aim in 3rd person (which is an absolute nightmare) or give them auto aim which doesn’t translate well at all with how Battleborn plays.

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Why make the game to be fundamentally different than it is? That’s why Battleborn is a FPS, not a TPS or a hybrid of these two. It’s a design choice and not a feature.

But the thing is - Smite is a third person game.