Digby's Smooth Tube assault rifle has no unique sound

I searched online and the gun is supposed to play saxophone notes while firing, this one doesn’t. It sounds like an ordinary rifle. Based on videos I have seen its meant to work like the Hellwalker shotgun. Playing a riff or tune when shooting. My Smooth tube is a broke tube.

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It sucks that you’re having trouble, but I’m glad it happened so I could read this and giggle a little lol

It might not be working altogether though. There might be someone else out there who’s Smooth Tube isn’t working properly.

Yes Digby’s was alot of fun to use.
I will have to check to see if the sound still works on it or not.
Would not surprise me to see it broken though…

Can confirm: made sound before patch, no sound now (including the ‘hidden’ sound):

If you use this weapon when you run your AR ammo pool dry, it will make a sound like a sax player failing to catch wind.

I threw in a support ticket to get it in their queue. If anyone else can confirm (or as importantly if it’s working for you), please post here and mention your platform (ticket number 5960970).

…or not. This is on the developer radar per the ticket above. Could be a while, but this seems like a straightforward fix, given that it worked fairly recently (though I say that being quite unfamiliar with game programming).

Same here. Coming from you in November 2020, I didn’t even get the gun a week ago, and it doesn’t make the sound. It’s a shame, I was so excited to use it, too.