Digi Clone with anointed weapons does not work

Turns out, Digi Clone does not use the anointment of a gun unless you also have that gun equipped at the same time, which obviously defeats the purpose.

I need to add that I don’t believe for an instant Gearbox even reads the Tech Support forum, let alone would address something as trivial as Zane’s capstone skill not working properly. But at least I can say I made the effort here.

I think this is working as intended: To my understanding, the wielder of the weapon has to use an action skill to trigger it. Since clones cannot use action skills, anointment bonuses won’t work on them.

Whether this makes the skill too weak or not is subject to debate, but I don’t see it as a bug.

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I main fl4k so I dont know much about Zane im only finished speed leveling him and quickly ran through the story but I was wondering about this to, if the digi clone has the use of anointments. I’m mainly thinking of the after swapping with digi clone weapon dmg is increased by 130% for short time.

So what I was thinking was giving my clone a brainstormer with that anoint (when I find 1😅) and swapping to another weapon with cryo with the same anoint. So I was wondering would the clone get the buff from the brainstormer, since he has it equip?

Sorry if there is a more recent forum about this. It was the first link on Google

Last I checked, this was never fixed. The only way for Clone to use Anointment is if you have the same weapon equipped at the same time. If you switch guns when the Anointment would normally trigger, the Clone does not receive the effect.

Zane’s digiclone doesn’t receive any anointments on his gun at all. If you are holding certain anointments, they can apply to him. For example he can trigger the 500 crit anointment, but it doesn’t matter what gun you give him, and you have to be holding a weapon with 500 crit. He may or may not benefit from 300% at 90 health, but once again his gun is never anointed, if you are holding that anointment it could work. I haven’t actually tested 300 at 90, but theoretically it should work.

What anoint did you say applied to him?

Misunderstanding. You are correct in that the clone does not receive any effects. It can use anointment to give the effect to the player, but again, only if you both have the same gun equipped at the same time.

The one that actually made me uninstall when I realize my efforts for a cool build were worthless; the Terror gear from Halloween. If you have Facepuncher with Melee Terror equipped (both you and the clone), you get the Terror buff when the clone shoots. But if you switch to another gun, the clone’s terror gun no longer works.

Oh yah, but the thing is you don’t have to both be holding the gun. If you had the melee anoint on your shield for example, or you swap to another gun with the same anoint, then the clone would proc your terror. The clone’s melee counts as your melee, he also works with all melee artifacts (not cutpurse though because they nerfed this in a patch).

Interesting. Still, needing to have the same anointment does not make it less useless.

So if I understand this correctly, if my DigiClone is holding an IronBear anointed Backburner, but I’m running around with a SNTNL Cryo Infinity, my DigiClone actually has a SNTNL Cryo Backburner? Dang, I need to test this.

(grabs cookies and milk and watches, waiting to see whose test reveals what!)
(waves a flag that says “ZANE” on it, while cheering, “GO ZANE CLONE!”)

Meh…Unlike the drone which does take advantage of some anoints, like the 300%90 anoint, the clone does not seem to take advantage of any anoints at all.

Well…at least it’s an easier farm to get digiclone weapons, an IronBear anointed Backburner vs a 300%90 anointed Backburner makes no difference, they’ll both do the same damage.