Digi-Peak Build (Discussion+Help)

And i have liked your outlook i kinda felt dumb :smiley:

Nobody’s dumb when it comes to Borderlands, it’s a complex game and Krieg is by far the most complex character. You can only get smarter :wink:

It was fixed, as far as I know.

About your build, I would only change those one-points from Blood Overdrive and Thrill of the Kill over Redeem the Soul and Silence the Voices, the skillpoints distribution seems solid enough for a hellborn-mania spec.

Except until you compare its survivability against some other build using Elemental Elation and Burn, Baby, Burn (e.g.: facing ulti-badasses head-on).

It’s shock and slag that don’t have penalties on elemental matching: here
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–Or here–

It may be redundant when you’re using weapons with high elemental effect chances or fire-rate but that’s not your reality whilst rampaging so a few points into Flame Flare means longer Raving Retribution and Numbed Nerves uptime, with the extra fireballs from Raving Retribution increasing your chances to re-apply DoT’s, indirectly boosting your survivability from Elemental Empathy but also increasing your chances to re-ignite, wich means more Numbed Nerves and more Raving Retribution.


If I had to make one key suggestion to you it would be to switch to Legendary Torch. Your survivability will be at its highest with that.

When I soloed OP8 with Krieg I was using a Mania-Hellborn build. It was a while back but I think my gear included:

Legendary Torch
Rough Rider
Blood of the Ancients (Shotgun/SMG ammo)
Chain Lightning
Hard Unkempt Harold
Consummate Hellfire
Corrosive Practicable Butcher

Mania-Hellborn requires a constant balance between gun play and RtB. You’re going to be relying heavily on DoT for damage and healing. Burn damage from Hellfire is so high at times with Flame Flare activating over and over you’re effectively wearing down enemies via a cumulative Burn effect. I never would have thought a Corrosive Butcher would have been so effective but it really shines throughout key engagements. The overall DoT that you generate is really impressive to watch.

Also, be prepared to chuck a lot of axes. Fortunately, this is not a problem with 10/5 Elemental Elation. It’s going to be a major damage source for you. And with 10/5 Fire Fiend you’re basically maintaining constant self-ignite. This means your passive form of healing via Raving Retribution is going strong, Numbed Nerves is giving that damage resistance, and your other DPS skills are active e.g, Elemental Elation, Fire Fiend, Pain is Power, and Salt the Wound.

Keep in mind that anytime you go heavy into Flame Flare you risk Burning out without any healing from Elemental Empathy. But unlike Bloodlust-Hellborn builds, you have RtB to heal. Which leads me to an important point: Your timing with RtB must be perfect because it’s your fallback. This will especially help you with the bosses. Don’t engage with melee. Throw axes and keep your distance.


Yeah, he has a lot better survivability thanks to Elemental Empathy, but I like risk-reward so I sacrifice some tankiness and max my damage potential ^^
When an Ultimate Badass comes to the party, I just slag him, spam the DPUH until I can Release The Beast and finish him off (if needed), that’s pretty easy ^^
Also with my build I can’t easily deal TNKs and Surveyors, I have to use the Conference Call to get rid of them (idk why but this weapon wipe TNKs out even more quickly than the DPUH !)

if not in the Peak, you would be correct. But when in Digi-Struct Peak, you are wrong good sir.


Well said. This is crucial for survivability in any Hellborn build.


BookEmDano thanks for the feedback and build advise looks so HOT it is straighter than which have i built i will give a try to something like this. Im tired of trying to find a butcher so im going with my hornet, also i am going to farm and hellfire. What about chain lightning replacement could i replace it quasar or storm front. Also thanks all you guys for quick feedbacks.


Butcher is ideal because of the free ammo and the extended magazine gained from Elemental Elation works so well with it. Hornet is excellent, but you might find ammo or DPS to be an issue especially with majors. Try it though.

Sure you could use a Quasar or Storm Front but I always preferred Chain Lightning because it’s an instant way to self-ignite, heal, and break enemy shields. It just depends if you favor crowd control or extended shock DoT.

Best of luck.

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Storm Front + Grog is the way to go in my opinion (boosted by Fuel the Blood and triggers Blood Bath), but the Chain Lightning is better for a quick healing.
Quasar is good but on Krieg i don’t like it that much, its just not for me i guess ^^

I’ve completely forgot that, good reminder.

Adding to this list, I can also vouch for

  • Tattler — good damage and ammo-efficiency, that is, if you don’t mind keeping yourself close enough;
  • Swordsplosion — can be used at longer ranges than the Harold;
  • Twister — not much reasoning for this one besides it being a twister;
  • Pimpernel — not my favourite weapon but it does work for spamming with both Elemental Elation’s fire-rate plus mag-size and Fire Fiend’s accuracy.

I personally like using the Quasar against regular mobs and Storm Front against bosses

Since Storm Front will keep the DoTs going for a while youll be able to heal longer against bosses
But I love Quasar’s crowd control too much not to use it against anyone else

I do use a build with less survivability than the average Krieg tho(be it bloodlust/mania or hellborn/mania)

So maybe you wont need the crowd control with so much survivability

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The Quasar makes Bloodsplosion very effective, I might try using it actually :slight_smile:

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After a bit more tweaking i ended up using pure hellborn+mania non-bloodlust and legendary torch COM. Hellborn makes krieg sooo much tanky also 10 elemental elation makes your axe throw speed absurd. I have a few questions, like is roid damage added to the throws and what is the most effective way to kill spiderant sappers or slagged animals.

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Incendiary on any slag enemy. You could mix in Unkempt Harold once you stack DoT. Pretty easy to use Hellfire and apply Burn then finish with Explosive. Raving Retribution and Flame Flare will keep DoT active.

I’m not sure if roid damage would be worth giving up more health, damage resistance, and RtB compatibility that you get from Rough Rider. I never ran roid shields on Krieg so maybe someone with more experience with them can give you a better answer.

If im going to just throw axe and if roid is added maybe it is worth a try.
Edit: Actually slag enemies pretty resistant to fire damage.

It isn’t, outside of Rapier+StV+bloodsplosion builds you just get a health-bar that likes to flash empty-full-empty non-stop.

Perhaps you guys could clarify the issue with the typing in Digistruct. Is it just flesh enemies that have ‘normal’ typing (so take no extra damage from fire)? Or is it all enemies, inc. robots?

Adding further confusion, I remember scclarke testing Dukino as a flesh enemy who’s normal at the Peak, but I always assumed she was armoured in the main game.

Anyway, if it is all enemies, it seems to me that shock is the way to go (as the only element that carries no penalty when it meets a different type of enemy). Corrosion would do worse against a ‘normal’ enemy than shock, as far as I’m aware.

I’ve heard many say corrosive is the way to go but the explanations haven’t been completely thorough. I’ve never heard anyone say that the usual workings of elemental guns are different (so fire still technically do more damage to flesh), just the enemies themselves.

I don’t personally find corrosive overwhelmingly valuable because there are a lot of shields about. Explosive is the way to go. (Hellborn Krieg would be an exception).

You can see more than just Dukuno’s mom tested for elemental matching.

I assume corrosive was said to be the best element there either because corrosion DoT lasting longer or because of the robots.

Corrosive doesnt do worse than shock against ‘normal’ enemies
As far as im aware
They have no resistances and no weaknesses

Corrosive is said to be the best element since the loaders still take bonus damage from corrosive
(The change to ‘normal’ type only seems to happen to life-forms)
Plus corrosion DoT lasts longer so i guess that helps too especially for Krieg