Digi-Peak Build (Discussion+Help)

Hey, I love them both! It’s not an either or for me. I just find it odd that I meet regular disavowals of it as inferior when it serves me so well. I feel the same about Blight Phoenix and Fastballs. The experts on Pandora are more than equppied and welcome to tell me how I’m wrong. In the end I can’t claim to be one.

I don’t know about it being inferior- more like unnecessary if I were to hazard a guess at the opinions of others. And how does Blight Phoenix work with Fastballs? I tend to avoid BP as I hate having barrels blow up in my face…

Oh, I didn’t mean I use them together, they’re just egs of stuff I see dismissed. I’ve died a grand total of once from a barrel by BP, much less than with Helios, but other people seem more wary.

Anyway, close quarters Hellborn I want a slag weapon, normal combat a magic missile; I go for the slag weapon that heals me, as I won’t be relying on it as a core weapon so the x2 plasma caster ammo has never been a problem.

Old timers such as myself have been through these discussions before about slag options on Krieg as well as so many other debates about what is optimal that it sometimes comes across as know-it-all but not everyone worries about optimal and just looks at what is fun. I wish sometimes I had that fun mindset. I don’t mean to make you feel like you’re playing Krieg wrong. Just have fun.


BookEmDano as my inspiration of my build may you give some advises on how to handle double saturn,scorches and dukinos. Do you have an extra strategy for them. Also is dukinos takes normal damage from fire.

I use an Unkempt Harold and corrosive shotgun on all three, either Butcher or Omen. Butcher is nice because you end up with a lot of free shots especially if your stacks of Elemental Elation are high and the mag is. Omen is harder hitting with its bonus splash damage. Once you stack DoT to ensure Elemental Empathy is active, then you can also swap to Unkempt Harold and make the most of the unlisted pellets and splash damage on them. Splash is nice because you can shoot through your target.

Dukino’s Mom is armored so you should use Corrosion. I believe last time I went through I managed without Grog during her lightning attack timing my RtB after the first shock that health gated and using the animation to be invincible during the second or third shock ball. The risk is if she doubles the attack then you’re in trouble. Grog+Chain Lightning is always a fast way to heal during it as well.

All three fights are just really about attrition. Smart use of weapons along with balancing out your RtB activations and making the most of axe throws to mitigate ammo consumption. It’s not pretty but you can do it.

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Not at the peak, apparently, like most enemies there it’s made out of cheese.

I heard she was made out of twizzlers and the salted tears of dead Gunzerkers. Seriously, what is up with the elements on the Peak. Every time I try to get it straight I get so confused :dukefp:

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Lol. You would think taking every character through to OP8 would have taught me something about paying attention to numbers but honestly, I was so much in the habit of color matchmaking that it never even crossed my mind that I was facing an element neutral enemy. Not that it affected my play in any way. I’d probably still play the exact same tbh. But if that’s the case, all the more reason to still use Corrosive and Incendiary. Longer DoT on target means better healing.

I assume the map got messed up materials for all originally non-digistructable enemies, whatever was the cause it just means you don’t need to use those 3-elemental tattlers/pimps which hopefully could open the slots for other weapons.

More incentive to use incendiary-only with krieg if using Burn, Baby, Burn I suppose…

I also didn’t know that prior to that post, I had noticed strange damage mods against slag centurion spiderants and dukino’s mom armour/flesh but I aways assumed the general hardiness feeling at the peak came from extra damage reduction on top of what the enemies already had from the extra levels.

Yes, in a way it’s a blessing in disguise as you don’t have to fiddle with multiple elements for each different boss.

Despite the altered typing, as I understand it resistances are still in effect - so Oney and apparently spidertanks resist explosive, shields resist fire, loaders’ bodies resist fire. (Correct me if I’m wrong). Thus fire and even corrosive isn’t always the best choice given the armoured and shielded enemies that abound.

That’s exactly what I thought I was seeing. The damage reduction in play. Not a neutral enemy type.

You’re right about Incendiary. I’ll have to run it with incendiary Butcher and Omen to compare.

I used to use Florentine as my slag weapon as well
And in general I like Florentine
But I ended up switching to Slagga because of the bullet speed

Even with Impetuous prefix
The orbs were too slow for my taste
thats why i dont use Grog/Slow Hand for slagging either

I personally go between Slagga and Pimpernel
Tho i prefer Slagga usually on Krieg because of the faster swap speed+fire rate+bigger mag+less aim needed :stuck_out_tongue:
Which I found helps a lot before Krieg starts his killskills rolling

I think plasma casters in general are always partly a question of personal taste - they’re quite distinctive guns and not everybody gets on with them. As I’ve said, I appreciate the extra elemental damage (especially with Hellborn / Elemental Empathy) and I only really use a slag weapon up close (when I can’t use a Magic Missile) so the bullet speed is of less signficance to just lobbing globs.

The Slagga works for me on melee Krieg because I often need to slag asap and as much as I can before I go into rampage again; with Hellborn I rampage a lot less, so use guns for longer periods. Pimpernel is really good though I like other elements for that too and ammo is a lot more limited than for SMGs :wink:

I think everything about this game unless it is have too poor about the taste. As an example i dont really want to play Bloodlust/Mania on the peak. Same applirs to all other classes also. Playing as deputy sal is more fun for somone whilr others want to spam their DPUH and nozzle. Do you guys know is the barbarian class mods crit ddamage effects melee.

As far as I know the only critical hit modifier that affects melee damage comes from Pain is Power, although the effect decreases your damage.

OP5 right now community going to get one more op8 hellborn/mania lover.


By the way, do you have the same build or you’ve changed it ? I’d love to see it :smiley:

What BookEmDano advised im using right now.
Corrosive Butcher

rough rider sometimes i use FoTF holding a grog
chain lightning and and transfussion some times
blood of the ancients
torch and sickle while on bxr

My earlier build was not working properly because it lacks activators and loses bloodlust stacks way too fast .
What is actually good on hellborn is you have a source of health regen at the form of fireballs and melee ignite.

I spoted something that i was playing way too afraid of melee(which is funny while you are playing krieg). I have been more reckless at last runs which actually gave good results.


Pretty good :smiley: it’s really nice to see you getting better at each day, I hope you’ll get to OP8 the soonest possible, JUST DO IT !!!