Digistruct Boxing Day Turkey Shoot

Hey all,

Myself and @rockshox00 will be getting together for some chilled OP8
Digi runs this evening, if anyone fancies joining in the laid back carnage
then fire a message over.

GMT based and I’ll be on from about 6pm - @rockshox00 may be late
due to xmas travel delays from planet Whocares in Destiny.

PSN dogstar13


I’m interested. Will there be mics at all?

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And when will you be going until? I’m est so you’re five hours ahead of me. So six is midday

Hey its a long way from destiny to Pandora and you promised turkey :poultry_leg: does that mean wattle gobbler

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I guess until I’m too stoned, drunk or my house is burning down


That shouldn’t be too long then

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I’ll join up. Are you wanting to get characters leveled to OP8 or just do OP8 runs for the difficulty of it?