Digistruct Doc Mercy is resistent to fire?

I was playing OP6 Peak with Axton and got further than I ever got before because of this powerful new easy to get rifle Toothpick!

But then I died at Doc Mercy bit, I unloaded Toothpick on him after taking his shield down but it did hardly any damage.

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Many enemies in the peak- such as Doc Mercy- have neutral elemental resistance, that is they are neither weak to fire not corrosive but don’t take exceptional damage from either. Normally fire-on-flesh deals a 1.75x multiplier, on digipeak enemies it does 1x. Peak Mercy also has more health than the regular version iirc

You can still kill him with fire weapons but I’d recommend something abit stronger than a toothpick :laughing:


If you hit Doc Mercy on his shield, only splash will damage him. So splash him , or Backstab him.

Also @vanaria32 - you may be interested in this spreadsheet I found a while ago


Yeah this guide is pretty good.

Yeah maybe I was hitting his shield, but I thought I shot him in the back a few times.

Yeah, I remember seeing a sheet like that a while back, though I no longer remember the exact details. Looking over it again, seems Mercy wasn’t among the buffed though- though the lower elemental multiplier is enough to make him significantly tougher.

@IceCat763 The Toothpick is decent, but its not a weapon I’d pull out for Peak abadasses, especially if you only have small windows to shoot him.

Toothpick was best weapon basically my Axton ever held to get him through Peak, I used it to efficiently take anything non robotic, including digi-dukino, fist time ever I was able to get past her.

Now if this gun also came in Corrosive then OP6 soon would be a breeze for me, and it would be onto OP7.

Shooting him in the foot or circle strafing is pretty reliable. Any effect that stuns him opens him up to direct damage. Hello electric chair.