Digistruct Dukinomom and her balls of lightning

So annoying, I seem to be able to beat her at a rate of around 50 or 60%, which now I guess isn’t terrible seeing as path to her I can clear reasonably quickly and easily.

But is there any other good tips on defending against her balls of lightning? I already know about hugging the hill in the middle and hold moxy gun and use grenade but any others? I already wear ainshin shield if I put on 30% shock defence relic will it help?


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Any video of this? Wish I could get bee easily just to take down this stupid boss

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You can easily farm treants in the Tiny Tina DLC. They drop them like crazy.

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I know you said you already know about the moxxi/grenade combo, but this is what actually works very well. My go to are chain lightnings and a grog. This has been the most reliable method and I’ve used it on all my characters.

It also seems that if you can lead her around the big rock and keep the “just right” distance she will continue to walk without attacking. You can’t get too close or too far from her. I’ve only done this once with Zer0. We just circled the rock while I hit her with the Lady Fist/Bee Combo and she finally died. It does seem that her behavior has changed a bit since the update so this may not be an option.

What you really want to do is kill her ASAP. On my current Axton I’m using the Bee-Hawk/Lady Fist tactic. Unload a round into her skull with the Sandhawk and swap to the Lady Fist before the pellets hits. This takes her down very quick especially if she’s preoccupied with Axton’s turrets.

EDIT: Looks like alot of the stuff that will make this fight easier are available in the Tiny Tina DLC. If you haven’t done it yet you can drop down to op0, complete it, then farm the items at the op level you are at. That will give you at least a 5 level advantage over the enemies in the DLC. You could get the grog, bee shield and chain lightning.


No shield in the world will protect against the shock balls. So the Bee is the obvious choice.

For healing I prefer the Pandemic grenade for its extended DoTs.

The trick it seems is to keep in the Goldilocks zone : too close she’ll shock ball ; too far, same. I keep her in sight and kite her around the rock, but don’t hug the rock closely or she’ll hop on top. Just close enough that you can side step to cover if you need.

Also when you enter the arena, drop down to the far left, not straight down by the vendors. This gets you to that safe starting distance.


Any of her attacks healthgate you, no matter the shield.

So yes, there’s no point whatsoever to use anything but The Bee.


Try a transformer. :wink::wink: thank me later


Wow…all those desparate times over the years trying to dodge those damn spitballs of death…

And I never once thought of this…

I use it for those damn big Surveyors a lot at the Peak.

But this seems just so obvious. Go figure…

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Has this worked for you Nat? I’ve suggested it in other threads and been told that nothing, not even the Transformer, could save you from the shock balls, so best to do the two step and try to keep your Bee up.


No first hand experience since my defensive shield is a Bee :wink::wink:

But i see someone survive dukinos balls and beam attack with a transformer then switch back to bee, although there is some health gating in between so the health is still up.

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I remember testing the Transformer and her shock ball overpowers it, since the damage is waaaay higher than the shield’s capacity.

Has something changed?

P.S I’m too slow :grin:


Krieg with RR and health relic begs to differ :laughing:

(Axton with an Evo and boosted Healthy can avoid being healthgated as well, least back in OP8, but I use a Bee anyway for obvious reasons)

tho Krieg runs into a whole different issue of having insufficient damage output if Dukino doesn’t spawn with midgets…

My Axton is not healthgated after being hit by 1 only 2