Digistruct help please

Can anyone help me get through digistruct peak ? I’m overlevel 3 and can’t get past the end part in what I call the circle of death lol. It’s the end part for the lower over levels 1 to 3.
I’ve tried at least 20 time and just end up dead, I’m using Mia and I’ve tried nurse mod for max health regen and cat mod for smg damage but just keep dying. My PSN id is stigsmith

Fighting the Assassins solo can be a pain but doable. One trick someone told me about was to use the sewer pipe that you see as you stand at the top of the arena as a hiding spot- usually only two of the assassins will target you at that time (Assasins Oney(?) and Rouf IIRC). Rouf is usually the more aggressive of the two so try to take him out first and then Oney. Magic Missile grenades are great for this fight since they home in on targets and can slag while your Phaselock is on cool down. It’s been a while since I’ve done this but if you’re trying to unlock OP4 then you only have to deal with the 4 assassins- there won’t be any other enemy (I think). If there are other enemies then the last two assassins will appear towards the end of the fight- try to keep the little blockhouse between you and them and watch to be sure they don’t jump on top of it- it will give them an advantage if they do since you’ll be forced to hide behind the pipe again. Good weapons to use here are fast firing fire weapons (Heart Breaker, Good Touch, fire Bitch,fire Butcher, etc.)and something explosive since Oney has that damn shield- a good Topnea, Badaboom or- if you have one- Norfleet can all help as well as a DPUH (or any UH really). Plasma caster SMG’s are great for this fight for Maya- don’t be afraid to burn thru ammo since you’re close to finishing this OP level. Sorry I can only give advice but I play on the 360- good luck though…

I’ve tried every type of weapon granade shield and so on.
I’m getting 3 assassins at once and as soon as I kill 1 another spawns so 4 in total which even with a legendary badaboom ov3 I’m getting wiped out every time

This fight is more about patience than anything else but let me ask- can you post your build? And what are the levels of the gear you’re using?

I’m using all op3 equipment ie sham or bee shield, double penetrating unkempt herald, bitch smg, badaboom launcher, and either nurse or cat class mods.
I get further with the nurse mod with maxed out health regen and cataclysm tree plus max suspension. I have tried with infinity pistol and sand hawk smg but it’s only L60

Use the above link to post your build- it will allow me to get a better idea of what your skill selection is. My go to shield is the Antagonist but if you can get it a Blockade is a good shield for Maya as well. What are you using for healing aside from the Nurse mod? If you’re running that you might want to try either a Neogenator, Evolution or any good adaptive shield. Also, what kind of relics do you have?

http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#555001050055050005005555000501 That’s my skills but obviously I have 10/10 in restoration,elated,sweet release,sustenance,suspension with nurse mod which is mostly about health regen / survival. My relic is blood of the ancients op1 32% launcher damage, 33% fight for your life time, 147% second wind health. I usually use the sham it’s a 88% absorb and switch to the bee for amp damage with the bitch for the other parts of the run. I got past the assassins earlier only to be wiped out by 2 robot spiders :frowning:

You should really try this out with either a L. Binder or L. Cat mod (here’s a link to all class mods for all characters: http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Class_Mod_(Borderlands_2) The reason for this is that both boost Reaper to 10/5 and with the health regen of the enemy on DP you need as much DPS as you can get- another reason to avoid using the Bee (the added damage can’t offset it’s lower capacity when getting mobbed). If you use it at all try to save it for the big enemies like Dukino’s Mom or Saturn. This build is a slightly modified one of what I use with a Blurred Trickster mod and Pimpernels (definitely worth trading for if you don’t have one at level). Use relics that match and boost your elemental damage- if you’re killing the enemy faster you won;t need a relic that boosts FFL time and second wind health because you’ll be experiencing that a lot less. Maya is also great with shotguns and sniper rifles- get some and put them to good use…

I’ve got the legendary cat but not the binder, I only use the bee for longer range fighting or if I can work round enemies and keep it to 1 or 2 soon as I get more I switch to the sham or transformer. I tend to die a lot sooner with the cat mod than with the nurse. What shield weapon combo would you recommend and where / who do I get them from ?

You can get the Antagonist shield from the seraph vendor in Flamerock Refugee in the Tiny Tina dlc- it costs 120 seraph crystals to buy. The Blockade is a drop from the Ancient Dragons of Destruction, the raid bosses of the previously mentioned dlc. Farming Pyro Pete for seraph crystals is probably the easier way to go. As I said shotguns and sniper rifles are good with Maya as well as SMG’s, especially plasma caster SMG’s. You can still tip Moxxie for a Good Touch (not sure if the trick of having a new character joining you will allow you to get a Bad Touch on the PS3/PS4) or farm Scorch for a Hellfire and of course the Sand Hawk and Tattler, which is a drop from Hyperious (I also like the Lascaux and the Bone Shredder for her). You said you already have a Bitch- if it’s elemental use the matching elemental BotA with it, otherwise use a SMG relic that at least increases SMG damage.

You can farm the Lyuda in the Dust from Gettle and try to trade for an elemental version of a Pimpernel- both are SR’s Maya can put to good use, especially if you have Chain Reaction. If you can’t get either of these rifles try to get a blue or purple Vladoff or Maliwan SR- they should be more than capable with Maya. Interfacers drop from Voradecious(?) and Omey Omend Ook(?) in the Sir Hammerlock dlc. The Conference Call can be gotten from LLM, the Warrior, the Handsome Sorcerer or as world drops on rare occasions, Butchers are pearl shotguns dropped by tubbies and found on very rare occasions as loot drops from the Tiny Tina slot machines in Flamerock Refuge and the occasional red treasure chest. If you’ve already turned in the mission to get the Heart Breaker you can try Ravager or Hulk shotguns, and if you’ve done the Mr Torgue dlc you can farm a Slow Hand from Badassasaurus. For pistols I like blue or purple Vladof Anarchists but if you can get them the Lady Fist, DPUH, Hornet, Gwen’s Head, Rubi, Maggie and of course the Grog Nozzle are all good choices. I don’t use AR’s all that often with any of my characters but if you can get one a lot of folks swear by the Bekah as an excellent weapon for Maya- it does have a trick to it’s bullet pattern that you need to learn but if you do it’s supposed to be an awesome weapon in her hands. Hope this helps…

Thanks for the advice much appreciated. I’ve got to op6 with help and a friend who’s op8 they have offered to get me up to 8 when I’ve respect all my gear that’s still op3

It’s always a lot easier with friends- good luck! :sunglasses: