Digistruct Peak as Krieg

I want to start off by saying that I’m a 1000+ hour veteran and so I’m not looking for obvious tips. I’m curious what you guys use build and gear wise to complete your OP runs as Krieg? I can make it through the early runs with a melee build, but it’s obvious that isn’t going to work for say Saturn or OMGWTH. I’m thinking maybe a bee sheild build or sham topnea set up might be better or my runs. Any help would be nice.

Clicked to read what everyone says because I just got Krieg to 72, so may be considering this at some point :slight_smile:

I have all my characters OP8 but I’ve never done a solo run, especially as Krieg. I’m currently farming for an e tech rocket in hopes of completing the runs with that

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As you’ve discovered, a mania based build is very difficult solo. I did it, but I had a Maya and a Gaige helping me. I believe @Spunky117 did it solo, so he may have some suggestions.

Honestly once you have a corrosive conference call and a good amount of salt the would it’s not terrible. If you have any points in blood trance or whatever extends bxr, spec out. Probably a Rubi too just in case of a tight pickle vs Saturn or omgwtfbbq. It’ll take time but it’s doable.

So I should go farm for a corrosive element shotgun and do a shotgun build? With say a barbarian mod?

And what gear? A vitality relic with that? Rough rider?

I was more so saying just a corrosive conference call and mania. The only real shotgun skill is salt the wound and you get that with your typical mania build

It really depends. Do you play Hellborn or Mania ?

Krieg Peak runs were the hardest I’ve done. I’m still at OP7. I ran a variety of different builds but this is one I used for much of the time.

Things don’t actually get hard until OP4 ( the turret round ) so just about any setup will work up to that point.

I also used a few COM’s : mostly Reaper and Power Toast. @Handsome_Dad and @Carlton_Slayer ran explosive builds with Crunch COMs if I’m not mistaken.

I used two Blood of the Ancients COMs ( one SG / pistol and one SG / AR ), FotF, Quasar, Slagga & Rubi - mostly. Guns were heavy on the CC, Harold, SWRDSPLSN and Hail.

For Saturn and omgwtf I used hornet/sandhawk with bee shield with success…with a lot of running and hiding in between :slight_smile: But was running a mania/hellborn build so the corrosive helped me regenerate health while doing extra damage. Bloodsplosion obviously not helpful in those areas due to lack of large number of easy-to-kill opponents to set up the bloodsplosion chain.

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If you want to complete OP8 Digistruct Peak with Melee Krieg, first thing is practice. You need to figure out how to deal effective damage through your kill skills and survive by practicing your timing with Release the Beast.

Here is the gear and spec that I have when I go through the Digistruct Peak :

Gear :

For weapons, you just need a slag tool (Pimpernel, Slagga, Florentine and more), the Unkempt Harold and an anti-surveyor weapon (I use the Conference Call, but you can use a Corrosive Pimpernel or the Hornet for example.)

I use both the Legendary Sickle and Legendary Reaper COMs depending on the situation (I use the Reaper to deal with Saturn for example.)

Slag grenades are the most recommended ones with Krieg for slagging groups of enemies before going into BXR, but you can bloodsplode Saturn with a Corrosive Fastball for example (if you have FtB active.)

For relics, I use the Sheriff’s Badge since it increases the Unkempt Harold’s damage, but the Fire Rate boost increases both my DPUH’s Fire Rate and my Buzz Axe throwing rate. The FFYL timer boost is also great. You can use Health, Melee or Explosive relics instead, of course.

And lastly, for shields, just use the Rough Rider. Because Krieg. Because … reasons.

Spec :

To be honest, I’d recommend you not to spec into Hellborn since it’s not really worth it to spend 5 spec points and then spec another 5 points to get PiP. You can also remove the 2 points into Blood Overdrive and put them somewhere else.
Do not spec into Blood Trance, because you need to get out of BXR sooner to Release the Beast again quicker and get your health back sooner.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile: !


i normally run a mania hell born hybrid for healing etc, and my main problems on my runs currently are that I can’t pump out the damage and survive. It’s ine or the other, for example. I can Harold the entire run and kill, but risk dying, or I can melee and survive, but lose damage. my main concerns are how to clear the areas, stick to melee?

Melee is probably your best bet. You’ll just need to adjust some of your play style and be patient. It’s really just about getting the feel for certain things in the peak.


Correct. Used an explosive relic with a Crunch COM, Storm Front to build Bloodlust, Baby Maker, Harold, Grog. In fairness, I paused at OP3. Temporary loss of interest. I’ll resume eventually.


I use that build sometimes, but I feel like without a vitality relic to compliment that you run the risk of dying.

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I made a post on what I use:D hope you like it! cheers


If you wanna use hellborm, try this (Its kinda easy mode/auto pilot and isn’t as fun as melee Krieg peak runs):

This is the gear:

-Unkempt Harold: easy to farm, deals great damage
-Grog Nozzle: Healing
-Any decent Rocket Launcher or Tediore smg: second winds
-Hornet: The MVP of this build! This gun has amazing sinergy with Krieg and it deals insane amounts of dmg
-Corrosive (even low level) Fiber: Combined with the bee you’ll wreck most mini bosses such as saturn/scorch/dukino’s mum…
Rough Rider: For tanking
(If possible inflammable) Bee: Only for mini bosses

Explosive Fastball: Deals good damage and triggers blood bath

BLOOD OF THE ANCIENTS: More max health+ammo
HEART OF THE ANCIENTS: elemental dmg is awesome

Legendary Reaper: Blood bath is just amazing
Legendary Torch: You should use this COM most of the time except if you wanna get the most out of you blood baths!
Flesh crunch: Mainly for Scorch as he is immune to fire dmg!

Hope I could help you out! Good luck with your future peak runs!