Digistruct Peak by level walkthrough thread

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A celebration of the 4x Assassin spawn…

Axton BeeHawking:

Axton no BeeHawk:

Axton no BeeHawk, no Moxxi healing, easily farmable gear:

Maya Sub-Sequence, BeeHawking (non elemental SandHawk):

Maya no BeeHawk:

Maya, pistols only:

Salvador, Deputy Sal:

Salvador, Deputy Sal Doc Mercy, then 4x Assassins:

Zero, gun build, recorded during one of my runs to OP8:

Those are all of the on-level 4x Assassin kills that I have recorded to date. The point of this post is to highlight that build and specific gear have less to do with beating them (or most of the Peak) than having a plan does.

You may notice that I drop down and move right, every time I go into the colesseum, regardless of class, build, or gear. The reason for that is simple: I want to get control of Reeth, right away. Whether it’s with turrets, singularities, Phaselock, Thought Lock, or simply a Rustler’s Orphan Maker to the face, I want to address him first. I switch that up with Zero, because he has a far easier time killing Wott and Oney than he does knocking out the other two.

I also use a lot of tesla effects + Grog here to offset DoT damage. Quasars, Storm Fronts, and Teslas are my go-to grenades in the colesseum. I have used Fastballs (Zero, Maya, Axton), but I feel that I’m more successful treating this as a control fight rather than a DPS fight.

Ideally, you want to get all of the Assassins on one side of you. This allows you to kite them and break line of sight as needed.

Again, plan > build and gear, as long as your set up isn’t so bad that it is holding you back.


I’ve been thinking of taking my new Maya thru the Peak but as you don’t have a guide for Krieg or Gaige I might do either or both of them first and see what their particular skills might change. Having a good plan is always key though- with Gaige I have a LBT/OC build and a shock Redundant Fibber and Twister to start with as far as gear goes- should get me off to a good start :grinning:


This is an excellent piece of reference material! Thanks for all the work.

Can I suggest you create jump to links in the OP and at the end of the individual guide posts so that navigation becomes just that bit simpler.

I… don’t know how to make jump links. I always post from mobile. Not sure if that matters. :grimacing:

I’m unsure myself but I believe it’s just copying the link from the post and pasting it.

Test Link to OP8 Assassins Celebrations Post.

Okay it seems to work. If you’re on mobile I can create the links for you to paste into place.

That would be awesome! Thank you!

Okay, tell me if you want any special titles.

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OP 0 to OP 1

OP 1 to unlock OP 2

OP 2 to unlock OP 3

OP 3 to unlock OP 4

OP 4 to unlock OP 5

OP 5 to unlock OP 6

OP 6 to unlock OP 7

OP 7 to unlock OP 8

4x Assassins

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Yeah I noticed, I’m going to add a few spaces to the links just remove those space and they should function properly.

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[OP 2 to unlock OP 3](https:// REMOVE THIS Digistruct Peak by level walkthrough thread)

[OP 3 to unlock OP 4](https:// REMOVE THIS Digistruct Peak by level walkthrough thread)

[OP 4 to unlock OP 5](https:// REMOVE THIS Digistruct Peak by level walkthrough thread)

[OP 5 to unlock OP 6](https:// REMOVE THIS Digistruct Peak by level walkthrough thread)

[OP 6 to unlock OP 7](https:// REMOVE THIS Digistruct Peak by level walkthrough thread)

[OP 7 to unlock OP 8](https:// REMOVE THIS Digistruct Peak by level walkthrough thread)

[4x Assassins](https:// REMOVE THIS Digistruct Peak by level walkthrough thread)

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OK. That did the trick! Working on moving them now. I appreciate the contribution!

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Really comprehensive guide (especially on how to deal with the crazy quad-assassin spawn). Really like how you always play in such a calm, methodical manner.

Would be interesting to see your take on how to get Krieg past the peak with easily obtainable gear. Always seemed like the peak was specifically tailor-made to really screw him over.


Thank you!

My Krieg is parked at OP3 at the moment, as I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that I’m just not as compelled to play him as I am with some other classes. He’s fun, but he makes me miss Maya and Zero, in particular. That aside, my plan when I started the Peak with him was specifically to find an easy to farm gear set. I wound up going with a blue Crunch COM, Grog, Storm Front, Harold (prefer other than DPUH), Baby Maker (!!!), Hornet. I found that an explosive build with that set up made everything easy, except for evasive Bandit types. It’s a bizarre feeling dreading Marauders. I’ll eventually get back to it and take him to OP8.

As for the calm playstyle… I’m a believer in ‘slow down to speed up’. Basically means making myself ‘see’ everything. That has helped me improve at a lot of things I’ve enjoyed over the years, from skateboarding to basketball to chess to shooting firearms. Guys like Derch and Man of Low Moral Fiber modeled it for me in this game when I found the community. They looked so unrushed on video. I made it a point to get good at seeing everything-- mini map, ammunition, guns enemies were spawning with, etc, and that helped me get to a similar point. I appreciate that compliment. I have worked on it! (I’m miles from that on Gaige-- always feel under pressure).


I might add that I’m sure HD would be happy if a Krieg expert submitted a Peak guide. I can safely say it was the toughest time I’ve had in the game and if any character needs a dedicated guide, it’s him.

Absolutely! When I started the class specific guides, I was hoping others would jump in, contribute to the ones I had started, and start some for Gaige, Sal, and Krieg. I could certainly do a Sal guide, but I’m not qualified for Gaige or Krieg.