Digistruct Peak by level walkthrough thread

I’m using my new Gaige and trying to unlock OP5. I’ve noticed that when the spidertanks spawn in the lake that you can use the cacti like plants as a shield- the shots from the spidertank won’t hit you until it’s about half way up the beach. Before that the plants block incoming attacks, and any good sniper or AR should be able to take it out at distance. Also with her, the turrets can be taken out using an Infinity and having The Nth Degree and Close Enough specced. Just aim over the horizon and let the firing pattern of the Infinity do it’s job- you don’t even have to risk showing your face to kill them :slight_smile:


After you unlock OP8, is an OP8 run the same as the OP7 walkthrough?

Thanks for this walkthrough. It really helped me. I got Maya to OP6 a year ago, but the few times I killed Dukino’s Mom, the assassins would kill me. I decided that I just wasn’t good enough, but with your help I finally made it to OP7 and am ready for more.


The OP8 level Peak run is randomized somewhat so there’s no stage by stage guide that one could provide.

However, it is generally easier on average than the OP7 to OP8 unlock.


Thank you for the feedback, and I am glad it was of use!

As @Jefe says, the spawns at OP8 are variable. More precisely, each area has 2-4 possible spawn configurations. Some runs, you get lucky. Other runs, you’ll spend the whole run on the edge of your seat. In contrast, the OP7 run has the worst- or second worst spawns locked in at each stage. In hundreds of Peak runs at OP8, I’ve probably only had 2-3 where I got the bad spawns in every section. Admittedly, it is possible (though incredibly rare) to get a worse run than the OP7 spawns. If you switch the D’s Mom spawn and possibly Assassins turrets spawn into a run which is otherwise the OP7 spawns, that is probably worse.

Of course, OP8 runs have the advantage of progressively better gear, as well.


Total necro here, but people still use this guide and there is a tip that’s worthwhile popping in :

Memorize the location of the Jack cutouts. The “rubble pile” ( the spot where the cutout was before it gets damaged ) has the same status as the cutout itself. This is helpful in two ways ( that I can think of ) :

  • You can use it for Moxxi healing. With a Moxxi weapon, shoot the cutout or the ground where the cutout was , or toss a grenade.
  • it can be used to trigger Get Some so you can your Gunzerk back. It does not work for Bloodlust but it might also trigger Able - worth trying.

Here’s a playlist of videos above: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWg4fuZakiRzhACm5OVZiHZI0Usw38GS9

I might miss one video or two - will recheck later.

Thanks again for such a great guide!


Just wanted to add my thanks to Handsome Dad and co.
I’m a longtime forum lurker, an old and mediocre gamer.
Am in awe of some of you guys and gals!
This guide just got me through Digi Peak solo to op8, on my first character other than Sal (Pimp/Duurped him, d’oh!): with a Siren. So I consider this my first legit complete run.
Been playing BL2 since launch! Must say this feels like a real accomplishment.
Thanks again.


It is! Congrats on beating the Peak.:+1:


Cheers Sun! You’re too kind. :sunny:
Never thought I’d make it.
This community is awesome. Specifically, very supportive.


It’s the return of the necro, but I came across this doc from janderson that compares health values between Peak and off-Peak enemies :

Interesting that Scorch, Black Queen, Bone Head, Marauders, Constructors, Reeth have increased health ; but Saturn and the other Assassins don’t ( and thank god for that ).


Huh, newer knew about that, lol. Thanks


Sorry for the necro but I wanted to ask: still interested in doing something specific for either Gaige or Krieg? Considering I’ve reached OP8 a while back with Gaige and have at least reached the Assassins at OP6 with Krieg I think I might have some points to add…


I think Krieg definitely still needs a dedicated guide. Unfortunately with HD MIA and not being around to link a new thread in the OP, I’m not sure the best way to handle it. But I’d love to see it! ( even if just for my own benefit :wink: )