Digistruct Peak - Co-op Grrrrr

I’m at OP2 currently, having played the game solo for the most part. Recently I’ve begun playing Co-Op though for Digistruct Peak because solo I can’t get past the last assassin in the arena (damn, he’s near Raid Boss level.)

Having succeeded in finding two matches yesterday where we went through the first three levels together at DP - I was returned to the main screen without being progressed beyond OP2. Today, I am getting returned to the main screen at the end of every OP level run, still no progression. I’m wondering I suppose, if this is normal in MP as I don’t really want to keep on doing the same two levels ad infinitum in the hope of finding plyers willing to do more than a single level.

its hard to tell for sure from you post. But, when you’re returned to the main screen, when you load your game, have you tried increasing your OP level before starting?

My second thought is, when you’re joining a coop game, are you sure you’re playing at the next OP level or are you just repeating the same OP level over and over, which would mean you aren’t going to progress. :wink:

Both are good points and indeed, I should have ellaborated more.

I have indeed tried to advance my level when in the title scree, it still shows OP2 and I press triangle but nothing happens. I’m also seeing no OP3 items in the vending machines or finding any on the floor, so I’m guessing that’s me still at OP2.

A few of the co-op games started at OP0 and concluded at OP2 with a successful conclusion. Tannis even said, “I may have just lied…” at which point I have been returned to the title screen, without reward weapon or apparently gaining a level. The last match though had enemeies in it which appeared in a configuration that I’d not seen before, so I think that was a higher level than OP2. It truly is a mystery to me.

Hopefully it’s just a glitch and all will be ok tomorrow.

Thanks for the reply.

You can check by going to your menu and looking at the mission level once you’ve joined the coop game. OP2 would be level 74. OP3 would be 75, etc.

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If you are on ps 4 and looking for some help with digistruct peak, i can help you out. Send me a message on psn. Name is same.

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Thanks again. I will take a look tomorrow when on again.

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I can help with the peak also if you need it. PSN thatguysh4rk

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Thanks both - FRs sent. I’m on the GMT+1 timezone (currently) so if I see you on BL2, I’ll see if you’re available. Appreciated.