Digistruct Peak content not loading for THC (XBO)

I have tried both my wife’s game and my own and the Digistruct Peak location isn’t listed and my game says I can’t play as a character over level 72 until the downloadable content is made accessible. I can choose my OP 1 level, but I can’t have it stay in place. My OP1 weapons won’t work now and Digistruct Peak isn’t listed at the fast travel stations.

What’s going on?

Hopefully something they’ll patch soon.

Sooner rather than later would be nice. I know I’m not the only person with an OP-leveled character. I was planning on a friend and I to grind Digistruct tonight to get him OP1 and now he’s not wanting to buy it until there’s a patch so he can save his BAR on his seven characters and not have to do character save uploads multiple times.

i have a op4 siren and i got the same message but the digistruct appears in here… but not the op5 mission :frowning:
my weapons are working but i can’t solo the digistruct to test if the difficult will increase LOL
they need to work on a big patch to release asap!!

I have an even bigger issue - it’s not recognizing ANY of my DLC other than the first level upgrade so I can’t go above 61 on any character (have 6 at OP8 and a few more at 72), cannot access any DLC locations (they don’t even show up, only vanilla locations), and have seemingly lost ALL of my DLC items (weapons, gear, heads, skins). I spent 40+ min transferring all my files over only to find this out.

I’m on PS4 and have the digital download.