Digistruct Peak enemy typing issue and why your fire guns suck there

I have known this issue with the flesh enemies in the Peak, and how Centurion Slag Spiderants bow to nothing but my SWORDSPLOSION!!! (because of the splash, I guess). But about the Constructor, Loader eye crits, and Dukino’s Mom… those are new to me.

Great chunk of info!

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Bumping this. Everyone should know this. Good stuff.

So…for flesh type enemies at the Peak…A Non elemental weapon is best???

Non elementals base damage is always higher then the elemental version. It’s the elemental multiplier that gives the elemental the advantage.

If that multiplier is neutral…would not it always be best to use a non elemental versaion or whatever version you have with the highest base damage??

for instance…instead of a shock Sandhawk on Scorch…a non-elemental Sandhawk??

We had the same problem on another thread.

Basically, traditional flesh targets are element neutral : all elements do the same damage.

Spiderants however have various weird elemental resistances on their heads but are least resistant to shock. Their crit zones (thorax) are neutral however - all elements equal.

Robots are weak to corrosion as usual.

Dukino is neutral.

The Assassins have their traditional resistances.

The only enemies that I would entertain non-elemental would be spiderants ( including Scorch and the Black Queen ) but shock works extremely well.

Otherwise the “corrosion rule” rules. Fun huh?
Edit : to specifically answer your non-e question: Relics will boost elemental above non-e in all cases ( except perhaps spiderants)

Can you bring me up to speed on this rule?

Are you saying at the Peak you can’t go wrong with Corrosion??

And how does Explosive count in all of this?

The game treats it like an element sometimes…and sometimes not.

How does the Peak do with Explosive??

Yes : corrosion is the most consistent as flesh doesn’t matter and robots are very weak to it. Again the spiderants though : shock is most consistent.

Explosive seems to be the same as outside the Peak. I had no idea how to test it so I didn’t. Everyone brings a DPUH there so it must be ok.

I started a post called “Elements on the Peak”. There’s some interesting posts various people have made.

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Thank you and I read the other threads too.!!

A friend told me to wait till Level 78 to get my Sandhawk off my New Zer0 Charecter.

Told me to get Corrosive and nothing else.

Good advice for the Peak…

If you can keep the Bee up and stay alive…it just blows everything away but I RARELY use this combo because the Bee is just like tissue paper for defense…too risky.

And then there are the Assassins…where a Bee is absolutely useless…at least to me.

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Some people somehow manage to keep their Bee up in that arena. I can’t - Blockade in there for me.

I was Farming Marcus at level 78 for anything to help in there and I got a Grounded Turtle shield…very nice stats

At OP6 Level 78…you get two damned surveyors at the same time as two Assasins with a bunch of loaders and spider ants.

The Damned surveyors keep knocking out my Blockade and I eventually go down.

Do you think that would be more effective then a reasonably good level 78 Blockade with it’s built in resistances?

I’m a bad one to ask about Turtles - I very rarely use them ; but that particular one (grounded) sounds ideal for that.

Thanks…went down 4 times in a row last night…frustrating…

But I’m stubborn as hell so I will get there…LOL

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Using Quasars was the tipping point for me. I’d just keep throwing them every 8-10 seconds to keep them off my back.

That is a heck of a good idea…will give it a try. Thanks!

Mine is only a level 72 but it should at least semi keep them away.

The level won’t make a difference to the singularity effect and it will still do a damn good job of stripping their shields - so you are set to conquer! (Also , a lower level one won’t do as much damage to you if you get caught in the blast!)

I suck…LOL

Got the first one down…and all the rabble and the second pair spawned before I had a chance to kill the original awsecond one…

Three on one and I ran out of grenades…

And Oney did one of his quick charges and blocked my shooting path to the one I almost had down and was at least counting on a second wind from.

Oh well…

I was breezing through till I hit this level…must be my weaponry or style of play or…

I just suck…LOL

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Finally…Made it through OP6…9 tries all told…LOL

Strange what got me over the hump.

An OP6 Blockade I got off my main Commando with a low delay and GREAT recharge rate. Not the highest cap…but that delay and recharge saved my bacon.

Ran out of DPUH ammo because with a Chaotic Neutral Rogue and Sheriffs Badge and TwoFang at 11/5…it’s a HOSE but it did the trick…got three of the four of them down.

Oney I took down with a Caustic Bone Shredder I had just picked up earlier.

That Bone Shredder impressed me a lot…had never used one before…with all the FR buffs from TwoFang and the Chaotic Neutral Rogue…it to was like a HOSE!

Oh and this topic is SPOT ON…

I have yet to use a Fire Gun at the Peak!!


As far as the surveyors go have you tried using a The Transformer shield when they show up? It should be able to take any shots from them and stay up, with the exception of any badass surveyor- those chumps need to be killed with a quickness…:grinning:

I use a Transformer on my Commando at OP8 and it works GREAT!!..and it works great to recharge Rocket Ammo with a low Level Logan’s gun. Sham not needed.

Me no havee on this new Zer0.

Buuuut…I found another EXCELLENT Surveyor Killer.

The Seeker.

With a Chaotic Neutral Rogue and TwoFang at 11/5…the thing puts out some hurt and does exactly what it says…“Seeks”

I don’t have snipers worth a hoot and won’t farm Lyudas till I hit 80.

But this thing was awesome on VERY long Range Targets…like Surveyors above the 4 Spidertanks in the same arena Saturn spawns. I just sat on the hilltop, untouchable and poured it on.

For Extra UMPH…add an Explosive Damage Relic

For extra EXTRA UMPH…add a Bee.

And you are so far away you are totally safe using a Bee.

The darn thing will shoot around slight corners and home in…or over the top of a barricade right into the head of an enemy hiding.

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Awesome! Well done. And great to see love for the Bone Shredder. As long as you can boost the fire rate it’s a great Tattler sub.

You were having Surveyor problems?

Feed Buttstallion till you get a Gemstone Corrosive DVA or Redundant Dart.

Eats them right up.