Digistruct peak OP4-OP8

Looking for tips or people to help on over power 4 digistruct peak as I keep getting to the same part and losing the battle

Which part?

It’s after the part where tennis tells you about the snow onions (before the bridge you use to get to the assassins)

Also I forgot to mention (to anyone wanting to help) I am on xbox one
Gamertag is xX Niallr 94 Xx

I’m level 72 done OP level 1 solo haven’t attempted beyond that but if you would my help if be glad

Yeah sure, add my Gamertag and I’ll join you :slight_smile:

ix d lud xi ill play through with you

If I’m struggling, I play that level like a punk, forcing enemies to come to me through the doorway (as in: choke point). The turrets on the train there can’t hit me, and there’s a lot of cover in there for you where there isn’t for oncoming enemies. If I get a loose Surveyor, I’ll back into the previous arena as I can to have an unencumbered go at it. I’m on Steam myself, but good luck.

It’s the part after that area I keep getting stuck on unfortunately but thankyou for the idea

Hi what days and times are you free