Digistruct Peak Team?

Me and my roommate are about halfway through Digistruct Peak. We’re bored of the grind and are shamelessly asking for 2 OP:8 slaughtermeisters to carry us through. Both Mechromancers, lv 72 with OP:4 legendary and pearlescent gear. Add Mulletpeede.

Add me and I help you whenever we are online together

Add me if ya like, i have 4 op8 characters 2 op5. PSN: AngelofLove57

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let me know when you need help next and I’ll see if I can help!

If you want easy OP levels you can add me. I enjoy rocket jumping the peak.

Lord_Sylton is my psnid

I’m at OP5 and can’t get anyone to help me through to 8. If anyone wants to assist even just to bump me one op level that’d be amazing.

Psn is Joelykins

Thanks peeps. Requests sent to all.

Add you too :slight_smile: Psn: orange_teacher.

I need some people to help carry me through to op8 my PSN is NitoTHEDemon :smiley: thanks for helping!

Carry me to
Psn axelrocks556

Looking for help, just carried my save from PS3 to ps4 and I’m looking to get through the op levels since I’m just a normal 72, do own all elemental nor fleets, level 10 Logan’s gun and potent grog nozzle all 72 psn:CyberAssasin777 Have a good day!

Also I play Sham shield anarchy mechromancer

I just started the handsome collection and only have a 50 gunzerker and a 25 maya that im playing with a friend but I am extremely experienced on pc and have reached op8 many times on pc. Ik im not there yet but i still wouldnt mind some peoples psns to play with sometime.

If you want to play dp or get leveled, I can run people thru with a sal.

I don’t do the jumping bit, cause I never bothered to learn that, but I pulled many through to op8. Come with or take a nap. Either way I can solo it with two more in a lobby.


i also have intermediate op gear for those who want to join in and shoot something. mayas have it easy.

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I rocket jump,although it’s been a bit since I’ve done it so I’m a little rusty. Add Lord_Sylton and add a message when sending that request letting me know what you need help with