Digistruct Peak: Who to use?

I was wondering, because you’re all more experienced than I am, which character would have the easiest time going through the peak solo? I’ve never done it before but i’m keen to try!

Dunno if I’m more experienced than you, but here are my two cents. In order to have the easiest time, it’s all about bringing the most overpowered build for each character. However, farming for certain pieces of gear every 2 or 3 op levels can get very frustrating.

For example with Maya, it’s ‘easy’ to beehawk your way, but getting a new sandhawk every 2 levels, that’s a different story…

For Gaige , getting a new norfleet and a new sham shield…

So on and so forth.

So I’d say the easiest is Salvador - all you really need is the grog nozzle from ‘the beard makes the man’ which scales with you and a DPUH which is a fairly easy farm. Of course having a sheriffs badge and certain class mods will also make your life much easier

So far Gaige and Maya have been the “easiest” for me.
Axton I found somewhat difficult and is still at OP6 - but it took a lot of gear and build tweaks and I am still unsatisfied with my setup.
Krieg was a nightmare for me from OP4 - many different builds and COMs and still stuck OP7.
My Sal and Zero are still too young to be allowed on the Peak.

Maya interests me in that case. What build do you use? My normal Maya build involves using either Leg. Siren http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#555001550015054000000554510501 or a slight variation with a Leg. Cat. The only characters I have at 72 are Maya, Krieg and Salvador. I technically do have a 72 Gaige, but she hasn’t actually played anything, because I didn’t like her I had a guy instant level her for if I ever bothered. I regret that and will probably delete her and start again if I decide to try her again.

I definitely think Maya - even if you don’t have a Sand Hawk she can still wield formidable battlefield control which is so helpful. Cloud Kill is particularly useful given how well corrosive works there (and gives handy healing if you have a Grog Nozzle or Rubi equipped). Surveyors are often a big problem at the Peak, and Maya can deal with them brilliantly. Alternatively, you can use Thoughtlock; this sacrifices surveyors but it can make areas with multiple bosses (Scorches, Bone Heads, Assassins) much more manageable.

Second best I would say is Axton (I haven’t taken Gaige through yet myself). Axton can use his turret in a similar way to Thoughtlock, which can be a really handy distraction.

I found Zer0 toughest. No actually Krieg. But both are tough there.

Yeah this is sad news that everyone finds Krieg hard because he’s quickly become my favourite :frowning: But I like Maya almost equally so i’ll give Maya a shot :slight_smile: I have all elements of Sandhawk at 72 and still have Whoops open, does this mean I can get higher ones without resetting or will they be stuck at 72? I don’t mind resetting, but obviously that’d be pretty irritating doing so every 2-3 levels.

Krieg can do the Peak, but it caused me pain. I would recommend getting a buddy to do it with you (unfortunately I’m on PC or would offer). Once you get him to OP8 he’s brilliant in normal play so it’s worth the effort! But he struggles with surveyors and can’t really use a Bee (which is very helpful for getting through big bosses quickly).

A level 72 Sand Hawk will get you quite a long way. I don’t think you need one every two levels. I think I got a new one at for OP6, because that enabled me to BeeHawk through Dukino’s Mom and Saturn on the last levels. Before that I managed with more easily farmable stuff.

Unfortunately I think if you picked the quest up at 72 the Sand Hawk will probably stay there. Once you get to the OP levels it adjusts to which one you select though.

I feared as much, I suppose farming a new Bee is easier than resetting for a new sandhawk until OP6 like you suggested. If I use Maya what kind of build should I be using? a basic legendary Cat build?

Edit: I should add, I also have all elements of Pimpernel at 72.

Hmm, well I’m not an expert so hopefully others can give you their ideas too, but I usually go for Legendary Binder or Cat.

This is roughly the build I’ve been using lately; basically focusing on Phaselock and damage support.


If I don’t want Thoughtlock I just put that point elsewhere. Don’t usually go for Sub-Sequence - it tends to struggle with surveyors (though it’s quite fun to watch it zooming around the map trying to chase them).

Flicker over Immolate? Interesting. I’ll play around with the builds and when I get a feel for it i’ll give it a shot :slight_smile: thanks for all the tips.

One thing, you put 1 point in Sweet Release and 5 in Mind’s Eye, is this Peak specific? Because I don’t usually even spec into Mind’s Eye unless i’m using the Leg. Siren COM and even then it’s 1 point. Not saying you’re wrong or anything, i’m interested in why you choose what you do :slight_smile:

On the fence about Immolate actually. Fire damage isn’t great at the Peak - flesh enemies aren’t actually coded to be that, they’re just neutral, so you don’t get a bonus with fire. Flicker isn’t great maths-wise so I don’t often spec it in general but it does offer some support to corrosive guns (which I usually use). On the other hand, Immolate may still be useful in some emergencies… not sure!

I put a point in Sweet Release as it gets a boost with Legendary Binder, and as a bit of extra healing it can be a helpful cushion, but in general I find the Peak too fast paced to rely on it for healing. I prefer to use Moxxi weapons - there’s usually so much damage going on it’s best to flick up to full health as soon as possible rather than wait for the orbs! So I generally opt for extra critical hit damage. :slight_smile:

Absolutely fine about Sweet Release then, I don’t have a Legendary Binder yet, it seems to be the only thing that never drops, so I wasn’t aware it boosted SR. With that in mind I can see why the build works a little better. Guess I just need to find a Binder COM. I have Corrosive Sandhawk (which is so close to perfect, Flying, Dahl Stock but Maliwan grip) and a Bee, I need to farm some better BotA because the ones I have are pretty average. I will give it a try soon though :smiley:

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Nice! It sounds like you’re really prepared - good luck! The Peak can be a bit of a pain but it’s worth it. :upside_down:

I’m guessing keeping a Blurred Trickster COM on me would help later on with Saturn, using the Pimpernel?

Unfortunately I’ve never been able to pull that off at the Peak because he spawns once you’ve killed all the other enemies around, so there’s nothing to Phaselock for Chain Reaction (it’s possible someone’s been able to get around this but I haven’t). I usually stay up by the vendors and peak out to BeeHawk him, or use the Pimpernel. It’s not too bad as long as you stay back and play it safe (which is my general Peak strategy… not the most exciting but it stops me dying too much!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh of course, for some reason I forgot about needing something phaselocked. Ok then, hiding and being cheap is high on my list of methods if it’s an option so I don’t mind :smiley:

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Speaking of which… i’m guessing Salvador makes the peak trivial like he makes everything??

I’ll confess I haven’t tried Salvador… I have yet to take him through much UVHM! @Chuck80 is the Salvador expert on this forum, he may know more :smiley:

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I have only heard about such a lofty person! I watched the Build and Gear guides by the frankly brilliant @Derch and @Chuck80 was involved in the Salvador guide. Great work there. I must watch it again.


Awww, you guys are too much :slight_smile:
Thanks for the kind words

I wouldn’t say Sal makes the peak trivial, but he can definitely make it easier than most.

I’ve unlocked OP2 and planned to stay there for a while, so I farmed all my stuff for that level. At some point, I decided to tackle the rest of the OP ladder, and did so without re-farming anything except my shield which I refarmed at OP7.

I did try to update my ROM, but I made the mistake of accepting a non-Rustler Orphan Maker … turns out that without the prefix, an OP7 Orphan maker has less damage than an OP2 ROM … so I scratched the idea.

ROM, Shield, Stormfront and RL were OP2
Grog and Pimpernel were OP0
COM was something like lvl 67
Deputy’S badge was (and still is) level 48 :stuck_out_tongue:

Only drew the RL and Pimp combo for Dukino’s mom, Saturn and OMGWTH

…So yes, I think Sal has the easiest time doing the peak solo, but its not trivial by any stretch.

You need to be able to manage your gunzerk perfectly, because most of your cooldown comes from Get Some, which requires you to be shooting at enemies, and the spawn pattern has those weird downtimes where you run out of gunzerk with nothing to shoot and suddenly things are right in your face. I can’t count how many times my stormfronts kept me alive. Bus that can’t low down should not be underestimated as a survival tool (running away is the better part of valor as they say)

I didn’t run the OP8 peak with enough characters to tell i they are easy or not though, but I did it with Maya, though I got help for that one. I stopped at OP2 with all my other characters

My final advice is: Run it with the character you ENJOY playing the most, because that’s who you’ll be “stuck” with playing at OP8 :stuck_out_tongue:

They can all do it.

And get some help: the peak is MUCH easier in multiplayer with any “hard” character than solo with any “easy” one… just try to use builds that are not kill skill-reliant, as you’ll be splitting those amongst you.