Digistruct Peak with the Legendary Titan

I had never seen a video that clearly demonstrated its performance. I thought it would be good to have one around. edit: There is. I saw good one in this forum. The reply of the thread about “Forever in pain” build.

This is not bad. If there was no minus shield capacity… It could be awesome with 60% damage reduction and the others… But still you can see how solid this is when he attacked by Thunderballs of D’s mom three times just with 9/5 of “I’m The Jurggernaut”.(It leaved 50% of his HP)

And this gives better DPS than Berserker’s when OoBG is activated. If not… I didn’t calculate that situation on purpose.

Anyway this run was fun, but do not equip this COM if you want to perform your best.:shushing_face:


It’s been a while since I played this build my favorite. And I think I got better than before.

In the past, I did not think about the speed bonus that goes beyond 70% or 100%.
However, I found that the 110% Boost in this video, or the fastest 130% Boost in all of the characters, is very good. It was good when the RR and CC or IF were used together to fire a lot of bullets, so calm aim was less important.
The 130% rise is a kind of ninja and Berserker as it named. It is very interesting. Especially if you do not have Moxxi weapons, you can enjoy great play with your good judgment on the battlefield.
I know that Maya’s 110% Boost has a great avoidance ability in battle with D’s Mom. But with 130% boost of Sal, I had a much better battle(Not in the video). All kind of her attack could not reach me at all.

With Moxxi’s weaponry and a 130% rise, you’ll enjoy speedy play with better DPS of Gunlust skills and other relics. I believe that if you walk through bullets at great speed and practice an effective battle, you will ultimately increase your battlefield judgment and ninja abilities.

I started writing this for the purpose of comparing this class mode with L Titan, and I came up with another topic. Anyway this is better than Titan. And I guarantee that 130% of this boost is more of a ninja than anything else.


And I tried 130% boost in Sawtooth Caudron.

Going back to the opposite side of the cover at high speed and hitting the back of the enemy is my favorite tactical movement.(Like at 01:00) If the movement successfully deceives the enemy, it will free the enemy’s attack for a few seconds. It is a good move for an enemy armed with a heavy weapon that makes almost all HP disappear in a single attack. And I try it often even if it is unnecessary. But I showed a bad movement that dived into the center of the enemy firepower net at 10:12 of this run. Overall it is the only blemish in this decent run. Yes. Discussing the speed of movement, it is synonymous with talking about tactical movements.
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