DIGISTRUCT POOP! [Krieg Peak Journal, OP2-OP8]

Welcome! This thread is intended to be a diary of sorts, sharing my evolving thoughts and experiences with COLONIC EXPLOOOOOOSIONS?!




Dude. Let me do this.

OK. Breathe.

I started this ride at OP2, having recently done levels 52-72 Bloodsploding Pete’s Bar. I have the Grog, and 0 other mission reward weapons. My process for unlocking OP8 solo always involves identifying easy to upgrade gear, ideally without having to reset. Going in, my list includes:

Purple Adaptive shields
Blue Flesh Crunch COM
Explosive relic
Storm Front (looking for low fuse time)
Non-DP Harold (ideal would be Hard prefix, but any work)
Baby Maker

That set took me 72-OP2 before this journal started, and was used to unlock OP3. I’ll be trying to upgrade those every 1-2 levels. Build will be linked in video logs.


Looks like I should cut this one off AT THE WITHERING INTESTINE!!! … right here.

More to follow.


We know! Conductor! Poop train! We’ve heard it! Just stop!



If you like playing the Hellborn/Bloodlust route I can highly recommend the Corrosive Kitten. Paired with the Grog/Rubi and enough Elemental Elation it knocks things down quite quickly! :slight_smile:

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I think you are fine-tuning your explosive build…if so, then I recommend the explosive fastball grenade from Boll.

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This picks up at OP2, looking to unlock OP3. Video is recorded by section.

Part 1: themes for this area were spiderants and spidertanks.

There is a lot of jumping around at the start of this one. I went in and looked at the red dots to see what was coming, then moved to get them closer to each other. Once they were close, I’d use a Storm Front and pick the weak ones apart to fuel Blood Bath, then burn down the bigger enemies.

After the first few spiderants, I wanted to work on the surveyors and save the skag for Blood Bath fuel, but the skag thought it was a lap dog, and wouldn’t get out of my face.

At the end of the run, I met the big BAR-TNK with a lot of stacks, and made quick work of him.


Unlocking OP3, part 2, area 2.

This starts off with a few spiderants and a tank right away. I wanted to drag the spiderants to high ground to use the geography for cover from the tank, so I could build up stacks and chuck it down.

After that, waves of ground enemies, with surveyors mixed in. That was a lot of effort to maintain stacks of Bloodlust, and trying to keep them grouped for Bloodsplosion (got a surveyor!) and also to enable quick transitions to new targets once Blood Bath came up.

All of this was a conscious effort to not run out of ammunition, as I had on my first try at this run.


Unlocking OP3, part 3, area 3.

Starts with solo Scorch. I wanted to get Scorch down without using much pistol ammunition, so I used SFs to run up Bloodlust, then chucked her down. When the clutter came, same as before: build up stacks, get Blood Bath, burn down the bigs.


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Unlocking OP3, area 4, part 4.

Such a busy spawn! Lots of surveyors, including two SBA. Honestly, my thought here was just to keep throwing Storm Fronts so I’d have them up constantly for Grog healing. This part of the run was nerve-wracking. The last 4 enemies were a BA loader, Blaster nomad, and 2 SBA surveyors. It got dicey.


That’s pretty cool doing that with Crunch and explosive relic. Not something I really considered. I got so concerned about ammo that I just stuck with my stockpiles - but your approach seems wiser. Better use of ammo with clustering and more damage per shot. That would certainly help with the area I have the most trouble with : Scorch x2. Obviously there ammo isn’t as much of an issue as there are plenty of crates and then the vendor afterwards.

The Harold seems to be the most consistent but the Kerblaster is reasonably good - I’ll use it in the easy areas to conserve pistol ammo ; and obviously, SWORDSPLOSION!! is ridiculous.

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Unlocking OP3, part 5, area 5.

Bonehead area! This is one of my favorite sections of the Peak, if not my absolute favorite. I love the physical layout, and the variety of spawn points. With Zero, this space is heaven. As Axton or Maya, it allows me to dig in and own my space.

As Krieg, the design simply gives me a little extra cover. RPG loaders, and a preview of my bane as Krieg-- Marauders [those jerks have killed me 3 times while I’ve been working on OP4].

I started this one with two goals: own the garden side, and save the ammo boxes to replenish for the next area. That’s why it actually starts with a melee kill on a non-melee Krieg. Just savin’ bullets.


I have x2 Scorches down pretty well now, as I’m working on OP4. I found some OP3 Pimps on a bank alt from Zero’s run through, so I gave them to Krieg. I use a slag Pimp (to conserve pistol ammunition) and kite the Scorches together to chuck kill one. Once Blood Bath is up, I switch to the Harold. If it fades before the second dies, I finish with chucking.

That carries me into the Queens area with a pretty full pistol pool, and a fair amount of Pimp ammunition.

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Unlocking OP3, part 6, area 6:

THIS is part of why I wanted to record these. I wanted to remember spawns like this. Pre-Doc Mercy, double spider tanks in this area?! That one scared me a little at the jump. As everything started moving, I had a thought: “I’m either going to get sweet Bloodsplosion action cooking, or get killed by these stupid surveyors.”

Got Storm Fronts going quickly to run up stacks, and tried to be patient so the enemies would cluster up as they closed on me. I didn’t catch a chain like I wanted, but I did get control.

…and then got another preview of the pain in the butt that Marauders would come to represent. For a moment, I thought that jerkbag would end my run.


Unlocking OP3, part 7, area 7.

This video was me seeing this spawn for the first time as Krieg. I had forgotten what the spawns on this run would be, so I was surprised by the mix. Had to make adjustments on the fly vs Oney, and took a knee early on against Rouf. Thankfully, the rest was mostly patience and eroding them.

I hate rats and Marauders as Krieg. Soooo much. I’ll take loaders over bandits, all day. I’m dreading the OP7 run, already… probably because I’m 0/3 trying to unlock OP4, so far.


Took 2 more tries at OP4. Realized that I’m screwing myself by using Homing Storm Fronts. I spend waaaaayyyy too much time watching those fly around, doing zero damage. One actually took off for the heavens in one of my runs today.

Going to farm up a non-Rubberized, non-Homing Storm Front now.

Also, pulled an OP2 shock Bouncing Bonny from a vendor.

Haven’t had much time to revisit the Peak in a couple of days. While I’ve had shorter blocks of time, I’ve mostly been playing Zero. One of the inescapable truths for me is that Krieg will simply never be quite as exciting to me as Maya or Zero. That isn’t necessary, of course, but I don’t feel the same tug.

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I think zero is the most fun and the most diverse…gun builds, sniper builds, melee. The other characters seem more one-dimensional. Except for Krieg…melee and hellborn are much different.