Digistruct Runs Fresh Runs sometime this Week

Just getting back into BL3 after a year off and forgot how hard solo digistruct is :sob:

Ive managed to get upto OP4, wondering if there are a few people that want to try team up and go up a few OP levels. Goal is to get to OP8 but honestly if i can go up 1 id be happy.
Willing to listen and pull my weight .
Im home for a week then off to work for 2 weeks so ill be on a fair bit this week.
Based in Australia ( So my net isint the greatest unfortunately compared to other counries )

PSN munnz80
feel free to add even if its just to chill out, ( I have Mic )

Thanks in advance

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I wont be on 'til later today, so if you get a chance add me first, Slif_One, I’m very forgetful lol. I’m from Australia too so we can play with minimal lag lol! I can help get you to OP8 and tutor you on the Peak, who do you main?

Thatguysh4rk. Add me and we can coordinate with each other a time. I’m based on the west coast of the US. I’ll help with anything. Also some tricks for the peak

I mainly Sal , Since my Siren got deleted by my son by accident ( Slowly working her back up (30ish )

ive also got 72 Gaige and 60ish Zero/Kreig

Cheers ill add you next time i log back on

thanks mate ill add you when I get back on

I can help your Gaige too, I don’t powerlevel but I’ll help you through the Peak. I tend to play with others from different timezones, but when I’m free I’ll send you a message and help out!

FR Sent to both ,

Dont usually play Gaige as was my Wifes Character :slight_smile:

Will try catch up sometime