Digistruct runs tonight

Anyone want to do some digistruct runs tonight? I’d like to get my OP3 gunzerker to OP8. I’ve got some other characters that haven’t started yet as well that I can play with. Maybe around 9 CST?

Psn: icerunner45

I just got home. I’m about to hop on and do some powerleveling if anyone wants to join in, then digi later tonight.

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You know I’ll be there.

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Sweet. I’m ready whenever you get on.

Are you on right now so we can do so power leveling

I just need to do my commando and assassin

Doing digistruct at the moment. I’ll set it up to power level when we’re done.

Ok I appreciate the help

Setting it up right now. You can join in.

I’ve got it up dual screening with my 2d account. Go ahead and join in with your characters whenever and grab the experience. I’ll leave it up overnight.

I don’t have you as a friend but I sent you friend request

I don’t have any friend requests. I accepted them all before I went to bed. What’s your psn?