Digistruct runs

Hey guys, I’m currently OP2 at the moment and looking to get to OP8, anyone want to run digistruct with me?

Here we go, again …

“And your PSN is …”

@ZERKUS Sorry mate, my PSN is TeH_KoJ

See if you can sync with PSN: Thy_Burdman (check forum post b4 yours) and let me know a time, I’ll help u both.

I’m fine with right now if you are available. I messaged Thy_Burdman but he has not responded (he is on my friends list).

I’ll fr u within 30, having my tea atm.

Great, thanks man :smiling_imp:

Anyone else up for some Digistruct runs? I’m OP4 at the moment.

My first Gaige is op2, in the process of getting her to op8. Also got a Zer0 and Maya already at op8. You help me and I’ll help you.