Digital Bonus punishment for wanting merchandise

Back when I was ordering this game I of course ordered a physical copy of the game so that I could get one of the random Battleborn figures (and got Montana) but I am just now realising that because I wanted merchandise (also didnt know they were going to sell all the figures seperately), so basically I have apparently missed out on all the bonus taunts and skins and etc because I wanted merchandise of the game.

So is there really no way people can ever get any of the digital bonus things now? I mean I dont see why I shouldnt get the same as a person with the digital delux if I own the physical edition and the season pass…

For the same reason that I don’t have a figurine.

Anyway I’m sure the digital skins and taunts will become available to purchase eventually, Isn’t that usually the case?

The figures are sold separately ?

Oh where please :blush: ?

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Here :heart:

They come in a pretty cool display box too^^

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Yeah, if I’d known they would be selling them seperate I would have made a very different purchasing choice.

I do hope they make it available later, though every time I see another player with the gold pedistal during character select it just reminds me about the things I’m missing.

COOL THANKS :smile: !!!

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It is used mostly as a bonus to encourage people to buy the option that is cheaper to make (don’t have to print discs, package them, ship them). As an extension the place I work offers discounts to people who do business on the automated website instead of a method that requires a paid employee.

It’s a golden pedestal and logo. You’re not really missing much.

He means the skins and taunts more than anything
Hell I’m still waiting on an answer to this as well. I want those skins and taunts, man