Digital Deluxe issue!

Gamestop doesn’t have the Digital Deluxe edition for PC, but has it for X-box and PS…So now I’m forced to choose between getting the Digital Deluxe edition OR the base game with the action figure/statue that’s exclusive to Gamestop…Why divide us like that Gearbox?

This might interest you.

Best I could do in short notice xP
So thank you kindly, holy damn does this help me, thank you thank you!
Real quick question, are those (everything in that link) in limited supplies? I don’t see it, but I’m pretty bad at finding stuff…


This shouldn’t be in the limited supply as it is a digital code -

This should be in the limited supply -

I…did not see a difference between the two links.

The first link should be forwarding you to BATTLEBORN DIGITAL DELUXE page and the second one should be forwarding you to BATTLEBORN FIGURINE BOX SET page.

I suppose Gamestop has different physical item available as an offer.

Ahh, thank you kindly~
Thanks to knowing about the figurine box set, I cancelled my pre-order from GameStop and will be ordering the “normal” edition of Battlborn through Amazon to get that %20 off and buy the season pass separately. If my math is right, it should come out to around $70 instead of $75. Wins all around!

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I don’t know why you would want those figures. they are poorly painted. the faces look terribad

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