Digital Deluxe rewards can be claimed on each character/new game or not

i find out how to get this stuff in so later stage, like at LV10, so most is useless to me then. i haven’t end this game, so i wonder if u sell or deletet it, would it be still usable in a new character or a new game/ NG + etc, unlimitedly. so it can be safety to sell them out.

or if u take this stuff, it is a one time stuff, u take it , it will not be taken again, either in new character or start a new game .

If I understood you correctly; Yes, you get the rewards once per character not just once overall.

Can make many many mules to get those rewards each though I feel none of the rewards are worthwhile unless they needed for trophy display or something

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You should be able to claim them on every mule within the account registered for super deluxe edition.

Cheddar Shredder is great for farming money if you want quickly buy all bank extensions.


I keep the shredder in the bank for this reason. Other than that I use the one that gives you an XP boost until level 10. Other than that it is a useless collection of junk. Though the butt stallion grenade does make pretty rainbows.

And yes, you get them on very character.

yes , i agree with this, this stuff is good, and only in BL3, upgrading SDU really depend on this stuff, and the boost exp shield(i find it when i was LV10 ).

however,i wonder what is the purpose or benefits of the two bomb, damage so low, but both are legendary item??? i think there is a “bee bomb”