Digital Deluxe Sale

Hey everyone!
Amazon has the digital deluxe on sale for $40 right now. I would highly suggest getting friends unsure about this game to invest into it now


Great! But also slightly annoying since some of us paid $75 for this less than a month ago…


I’m in that boat as well, but considering I’d like to support gbx because I love this game so much, I don’t mind


$75? I paid $90 Canadian and Support has failed to help me twice now. If I could go back in time and kick my own ass for preordering I would.

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On sale already! I’m taking that as a bad sign

$75 USD converts to $98.63 CAD. So you paid less than us. That aside sorry you’ve had a lousy time with support

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I would just like to say it was very disappointing to see not even a month after its release it has been marked down 20 dollars… I would hope gearbox is thinking of some way to reimburse the people that purchased it before the price drop. Exclusive skins for all characters would be generous and probably needed to keep your costumers from having a bad taste in their mouth. I bought the digital deluxe edition just like a lot of people probably on this forum I’m sure they all are hoping for some compensation.

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You know what? I was thinking the same thing about skins, like if you make a private match with all bots of anybody you will see gold skin versions of characters we can become and rare platinum skins of certain characters, so to make it seem “fair”, but it doesnt have to be, make those skins exclusive to the ones that paid full price to support Gearbox, and maybe after all five battleborns come out those skins are available in boxes of their specific factions later on. Not a good Plan?

Sales are actually pretty good, but I think they’re just bracing themselves for Overwatch’s release

What you’re referring to would be the first born skins

Did yo use the beta gold skin shift code bc if not


But I think personally preorder codes shouldn’t be given to everyone else or the people who did preorder it like myself would’ve done so for nothing. That’s unfair IMO since it helps hype the game and gets a few people to buy it sooner a bit when giving exclusive codes for preordering b

Also, for those who wanted to upgrade to DD, trade in your physical copy to GameStop, buy an Amazon gift card with the credit and buy this. Closest thing you’ll get I think

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Yes, that skin theme

Have them already, If you go to private match with only bots you will see Kleese/Boldur/Ghalt/etc. become Gold and no not yellowish/orange skin, and they become “first-born” skin I have already have some first-born skins and golds from the deluxe, and have the beta gold skins

Really? Man I wish my private games would do that. In mine every one of the bots has the default

Yes, I got jealous looking at ghalt in firstborn skin and Kleese rocking gold and crimson on my team with me as Toby rocking default going … “Man, Gbx, COME ON, TOBY NEEDS SOME LOVE FOR PETE’s and TOBY’s sake!”

Oh my friend keep telling me that sales are terrible, I’m glad that’s not the case

I don’t own any of those skins though and I preordered. Maybe if I preordered it somewhere else I would’ve got them but I’m happy with what I got.

That might be a mistake, did you get the title at least for “pre-ordering” if you did and some characters arent first-born or gold, but not both than you got the skins you wanted, P.S. you can still get ordendi gold skin with battleborn tap and just linking your shift account on that game and then you can do whatever you want with that game, at first I thought Tap was the way to unlock all those other skins, but now i doubt it, after talking to a guy who has guide of all artifacts in the game and not getting any shift codes from it. Oh, and here is pictures of Some that arent part of pre-order or Beta code or deluxe edition:

Isn’t this part of the risk with preorder / deluxe edition? If I buy a game at launch I always expect it will be discounted after a short time. If there is a game I am unsure of I will wait to buy until the discount.